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Opensourcing the Universal Package Manager
amasad (2480)

The infrastructure and tools we build to make Repl.it work is often useful on their own. Today we're excited to take the first step to make our tools usable outside our platform.

You know how you can manage packages on Repl.it using the same interface regardless of the language? Well, with upm you can do that on your computer as well.

Read more here: https://repl.it/site/blog/upm
Help us spread the word on Twitter: https://twitter.com/replit/status/1189937800809865216

And feel free to post to Reddit, Hackernews, or what have you. Any support is appretiated.

rediar (317)

Cool! Hopefully this will make the bug identifying process easier, with everyone being able to see.

PDanielY (980)

lol! My school blocks everything.

PYer (3293)

thats cool! i love manage packages easily like that.