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DanielGross1 (9)

A few months ago I launched Pioneer.

Pioneer is an experiment to try and find creative people around the world working on interesting projects. A project could be anything -- open source work, research in physics or biology, or creating art. Unlike other grant programs, the way we find people is through crowdsourcing.

Applicants vote on each other (like HN / Reddit) and the best projects float to the top. We have industry experts (Patrick Collison, Tyler Cowen, Stephen Wolfram, etc) act as "mods" to sharpen the quality of the leaderboard.

The top-scoring applicants become Pioneers. They get $5,000 with an option for $100,000 follow-on, a ticket to Silicon Valley, mentorship from experts and -- most importantly -- a community that will hopefully accelerate and motivate them.

Applications close Sunday night PDT. If you have a project that you can't stop thinking about -- Pioneer is exactly for you!

You can apply here, if interested! https://pioneer.app/join/repl