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Podcast about Repl.it
amasad (2056)

I talked about Repl.it, its history, vision, and technology in a recent episode of Software Engineering Daily.

Check it out: https://softwareengineeringdaily.com/2019/09/06/repl-it-browser-coding-with-amjad-masad/

Woebot (5)

Repl.it is amazing! Keep up the good work amasad.

PaoloAmoroso (131)

@amasad It's interesting you mentioned Stadia in the interview.

When Google announced Android Studio would be available on Chromebooks I assumed they were going to do a cloud version. Instead they went with Crostini, which is valuable in itself but probably suboptimal for Android development. And it feels legacy, more low-Earth orbit than moonshot.

The Google cloud would provide better performance, for example for compiling and building. And, given the Stadia infrastructure, even the dog-slow Android emulator would run decently.

Go figure.