PySimpleGUI Adds Support For Repl.it
amasad (1224)

PySimpleGUI, the simplest cross-platform Python GUI framework just added support for Repl.it (web in general) and it's the simplest way I've seen UI being done on Repl.it yet.

It has good autocompletion and it's well-documented. It's especially great for new coders that want to try their hands at coding GUI.

To get started simply import the library, create a window, and give it a layout! Here is a name reading app and repl:

import PySimpleGUIWeb as sg

window = sg.Window('hello world').Layout([
  [sg.Text('hello world')],
  [sg.InputText('enter name')],
  [sg.Submit(), sg.Cancel()]

[button, [name]] = window.Read()

if button == 'Submit':
  print('Hello ' + name)


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PySimpleGUI (6)

@amasad You can try this program
to see the difference in the setting. I was unable to change the behavior now that I've tried again.

The setting to modify is on line 14:

This changes the Remi multiple_instance setting which someone suggested as a fix to a problem. I find regardless of the setting, if I open 2 repl.it copies, in 2 different browsers, they sync up and show identical things. When one pauses, so does the other.