PySimpleGUI Adds Support For
amasad (1832)

PySimpleGUI, the simplest cross-platform Python GUI framework just added support for (web in general) and it's the simplest way I've seen UI being done on yet.

It has good autocompletion and it's well-documented. It's especially great for new coders that want to try their hands at coding GUI.

To get started simply import the library, create a window, and give it a layout! Here is a name reading app and repl:

import PySimpleGUIWeb as sg

window = sg.Window('hello world').Layout([
  [sg.Text('hello world')],
  [sg.InputText('enter name')],
  [sg.Submit(), sg.Cancel()]

[button, [name]] = window.Read()

if button == 'Submit':
  print('Hello ' + name)

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bhugh (0)

@glench @amasad @DavideRosa When you fork, for some reason the web browser pane is still connected to the original rather than the new fork. Thus the problems.

If you reload the entire browser with the URL for the new fork, then the browser pane updates to the new fork and all is well.