Repl Stats 📊 (beta!)
jajoosam (617)

So many of us make websites on - and share them all over the internet.

However, to know how many people visited your website and to learn about your traffic, you have to add heavy, sometimes privacy invasive scripts to your website 😞

Introducing Repl Stats 📊 (beta!)

Learn about how many hits your web app got - without needing to add any scripts.

If it's on - It'll just work (works for too!) 😉

To try it out just go to {repl.hostname}

You don't want to include the protocol (https or http) - so an example would look like this:

It's not too much right now, just a graph of all hits like this one 👇

But, I wanted to share this to see if y'all would want this, and if you would, what more features would you like to see? ✨

(note: right now, that stats update daily - not in realtime)

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a5rocks (535)

Being able to get this "hits" number for a cli repl...

It would go something like this (python):

import replstats

and in replstats, the replstats/ file would send a request to your url.

Though, you would need to figure out how to get the repl link, which could be something like dev input, or something like repl adding a file with metadata to the docker instance, or repl adding an environ variable.

Oh yeah, another suggestion:
A bar at the top of the stats page so you can check other sites without editing the url bar.

amasad (1742)

@a5rocks I believe someone built that. Maybe @mat1?

a5rocks (535)

@amasad he did? I remember him saying he would, but I don't remember him saying he completed said project.

mat1 (2744)

@amasad Yeah, it kind of works but it's really janky and bad. I should finish it.