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Repl Talk Rules and Guidelines [README]
mat1 (3240)


The Repl.it community is a place for users to share code, ask questions, and discuss coding-related subjects. We're committed to making it a fun and cool space for both aspiring and experienced programmers. To that end, we need to lay down some ground rules:

Quality posts

When sharing a post do your best to describe what you are sharing and why it's interesting. Low effort, irrelevant, inappropriate, or posts that lack contexts will be locked or deleted. Don't post homework assignments, we want to see your creativity!

Adding images, screenshots, stack traces, and of course, repls, typically make posts better.

Asking good questions

Attributes of a bad question:
  • Vague; doesn't fully describe the issue.
  • Does not include a link to a repl or does include their code using a codeblock.
  • Simply asks "how would I do this?" with no prior effort or investigation.
  • Not open to constructive criticism. If you're asking for help with code, you should expect some level of critique.
Attributes of a good question:
  • Links to a repl or codeblock with the faulty code (if applicable).
  • Be descriptive: explain what you've tried, what language you're using, and anything else that might be relevant.
  • Say what you want/expect the program to do.
  • It's unlikely that someone will fix your code for you, so don't ask for that. Instead, focus on learning.

Sharing interesting repls and apps

  • What the repl does: this should be at least 50 characters. For example saying "It's a pizza game" isn't very descriptive. Instead say "It's a game that simulates making pizza. The goal of the game is to sell 100 pizzas in a single day."
  • If it's not straightforward describe how to use/play your repl/game.
  • Images, screenshots, and gifs might make your post more exciting and interesting.

Writing good tutorials

  • Good tutorials are typically detailed and expect little prior knowledge from readers. Try to think from the point-of-view of the reader: What might be confusing or what questions they might have?
  • Images, screenshots, and gifs are proven to make posts more engaging.
  • Examples are important so that readers can follow along.
  • Be ready to provide support: Readers might ask questions or give you feedback. Engaging with your users is a great way to become a better writer.

Don't plagiarize

Don't pretend that you made something you didn't make. When people find out they'll lose respect for your work. Instead, if you forked someone's repl or based your code on an existing project then please give credit to the original author.

Learn more about plagiarism here.

Here is the section from the Repl.it ToS on plagiarism:

We respect the intellectual property rights of others. It is our policy to respond to any claim that User Content posted on the Service infringes on the copyright or other intellectual property rights ("Infringement") of any person or entity.

This means at the very least we'll take plagiarized posts and repls down and if this persists we will take action against the user.

Use the correct category

To make it easier to navigate Talk is made up of different "boards" for different categories. When posting, make sure to use the correct one:


This category is for asking questions. Typically coding questions, but feel free to use this for coding-related discussions. Check out @Mosrod's guide on asking good questions.

Be sure not to fall into the XY problem when asking questions. Don't ask how to get the last 3 letters of a filename, when you really want the file's extension.


This category is for sharing projects and repls.


This category is for tutorials and guides. This is not for asking questions, though you can always leave questions in the comments if something is unclear.


This is where bug reporting belongs and where the Repl.it team will see them.


This is where feedback and suggestions belong and where the Repl.it team will see them.

How to be helpful

Be constructive

If you're going to give critisism, make it constructive. This means that you should tell people how to fix something rather than just telling them they're doing something wrong.

Do not spoon-feed

Don't flat out give someone the script for their question. If they are asking how to do something, suggest steps they could take to accomplish their goal. Focus on teaching.

Be patient

What's obvious to you might be new to someone who's new to programming. Never talk down. Remember yourself when you were just a newbie trying to learn and treat the asker how you would've liked to be treated.

Answer the question

If you want to contribute to a post in Ask, be sure it's actually helpful. Do not say things like "Why are you using x? You should use y instead. Don't comment that you don't know the answer to an Ask question, you can just ignore it if that's the case.

Be friendly

Be kind to your fellow replers. Never insult people or their work. We have zero tolerance towards bullying.

Keep it SFW

Keep it clean, or SFW (safe for work). If you wouldn't show it to a 10 year old or your grandma, don't post it. This includes swearing, it is not allowed.

Zero tolerance for hate speech

Any abusive or threatening writing that expresses prejudice against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation will result in an immediate ban.

Other rules

Don't advertise

Don't make posts or comments advertising non-programming creations or sites.

Don't create more accounts for cycles

Do not make alternate accounts for voting on your own posts or comments.

Don't mass upvote people's posts or comments

Do not upvote every comment or post on a person's profile for the sole purpose of giving them more cycles.

Common sense

Common sense applies to all these rules. There is no "bending the rules," don't try and find an flaw in the wording and use it to your advantage. Basically, don't find loopholes and exploit them.

Other languages

For now, we're not supporting non-English languages. This is due to the fact that majority of our users speak only English, and it's hard to moderate posts in other languages.


If you believe you were unfairly banned, submit an appeal at [email protected]

These rules are ever-evolving, and the last update to them was on 2/20/2020.

TheForArkLD (245)

I’ll translate this to japanese.

DynamicSquid (1211)

@TheForArkLD One step ahead of you:

Rūru Repl. It komyuniti wa, yūzā ga kōdo o kyōyū shi tari, shitsumon shi tari, kōdingu kanren no tēma ni tsuite hanashiattari dekiru bashodesu. Watashitachiha, iyoku-tekina puroguramā to keiken hōfuna puroguramā no ryōhō ni totte, tanoshikute kūruna kūkan ni suru koto ni torikunde imasu. Sonotame ni wa, ikutsu ka no kihon rūru o sadameru hitsuyō ga arimasu. Kōhinshitsu no tōkō tōkō o kyōyū suru toki wa, kyōyū shite iru naiyō to sore ga kyōmibukai riyū o setsumei suru tame ni saizen o tsukushite kudasai. Sukunai rōryoku, mukankei, futekisetsu, matawa kontekisuto ga nai tōkō wa rokku matawa sakujo sa remasu. Shukudai o tōkō shinaide kudasai. Watashitachi wa anata no sōzō-ryoku o mitai to omotte imasu! Gazō, sukurīnshotto, sutakkutorēsu, soshite mochiron repl o tsuika suru to, tsūjō wa tōkō ga yori yoku narimasu. Yoi shitsumon o suru warui shitsumon no zokusei: Aimai; mondai o kanzen ni setsumei shite imasen. Repl e no rinku ga fukuma rete inai ka, kōdoburokku o shiyō shite kōdo ga fukuma rete imasu. 'Dōsureba īdesu ka?' Jizen no doryoku ya chōsa wa arimasen. Kensetsu-tekina hihan o ukeireru koto wa dekimasen. Kōdo no herupu o motomete iru baai wa, aruteido no hihyō o kitai suru hitsuyō ga arimasu. Yoi shitsumon no zokusei: Shōgai no aru kōdo o fukumu repl matawa codeblock e no rinku (gaitō suru baai). Setsumei-teki ni suru: Nani o tameshita ka, dono gengo o shiyō shite iru ka, sonota kanren ga aru kamo shirenai koto o setsumei shimasu. Puroguramu ni nani o shitai/ kitai suru ka o iimasu. Darekaga anata no tame ni anata no kōdo o shūsei suru kanōsei wa hikuinode, sore o motomenaide kudasai. Kawari ni, gakushū ni shūchū shite kudasai. Kyōmibukai repl to apuri no kyōyū repl no kinō: Kore wa 50 mojiijō ni suru hitsuyō ga arimasu. Tatoeba,'pizagēmudesu' to itte mo amari wakarimasen. Kawari ni,'piza o tsukuru shimyurēshongēmudesu. Kono gēmu no mokuhyō wa, 1-nichi ni 100-ko no piza o hanbai suru kotodesu.' Kantande wanai baai wa, repl/ game no shiyō/ saisei hōhō o setsumei shite kudasai. Gazō, sukurīnshotto, GIF o shiyō suru to, tōkō ga yori ekisaitingude kyōmibukai mono ni naru kanōsei ga arimasu. Yoi chūtoriaru o kaku sugureta chūtoriaru wa tsūjō shōsaideari, dokusha kara no jizen chishiki wa hotondo arimasen. Dokusha no shiten kara kangaete mite kudasai. Nani ga konran shite iru no ka, matawa dono yōna shitsumon ga aru nodeshou ka. Gazō, sukurīnshotto, oyobi gifu wa, tōkō o yori mirikiteki ni suru koto ga shōmei sa rete imasu. Dokusha ga rikai dekiru yō ni, rei wa jūyōdesu. Sapōto o teikyō suru junbi o shimasu. Dokusha wa shitsumon shi tari, fīdobakku o teikyō shi tari shimasu. Yūzā to kōryū suru koto wa, sugureta sakka ni naru tame no subarashī hōhōdesu. Tōyō shinaide kudasai jibun ga tsukutta node wanai mono o tsukutta furi o shinaide kudasai. Hitobito ga sore o hakken suru to, karera wa anata no shigoto ni taisuru keii o ushinaudeshou. Kawari ni, dareka no repl o fōku shita baai, matawa kizon no purojekuto nimotozuite kōdo o sakusei shita baai wa,-moto no sakusha ni kurejitto o fuyo shite kudasai. Tōsaku no shōsai ni tsuite wa, kochira o goran kudasai. Kore wa, tōsaku ni kansuru Repl. It ToS no sekushondesu. Watashitachiha tasha no chiteki zaisan-ken o sonchō shimasu. Hon sābisu ni tōkō sa reta yūzākontentsu ga kojin matawa dantai no chosakken matawa sonohoka no chiteki zaisan-ken ('shingai') o shingai shite iru to iu mōshitate ni taiō suru koto ga heisha no porishīdesu. Kore wa, sukunakutomo tōyō sa reta tōkō to repl o shutoku shi, kore ga tsudzuku baai wa yūzā ni taishite akushon o okosu koto o imi shimasu. Tadashī kategori o shiyō shite kudasai nabigēto o yōi ni suru tame ni, tōku wa samazamana kategori no samazamana 'bōdo' de kōsei sa rete imasu. Tōkō suru toki wa, tadashī mono o shiyō shite kudasai. Tazuneru kono kategori wa shitsumon o suru tame no monodesu. Tsūjō wa kōdingu no shitsumondesuga, kōdingu ni kanren suru giron ni wa kore o jiyū ni shiyō shite kudasai. Yoi shitsumon o suru koto ni [email protected] Mosrod no gaido o chekku shite kudasai. Shitsumon suru toki wa, XY mondai ni ochīranai yō ni shite kudasai. Fairu no kakuchōshi ga hontōni hitsuyōna baai wa, fairu-mei no saigo no 3 moji o shutoku suru hōhō o tazunenaide kudasai. Kyōyū kono kategori wa, purojekuto to repl o kyōyū suru tame no monodesu. Manabu kono kategori wa, chūtoriaru to gaido-yōdesu. Kore wa shitsumon o suru tame no monode wa arimasenga, nanika ga fumeina baai wa komento ni itsu demo shitsumon o nokosu koto ga dekimasu. Bagu koreha bagu hōkoku ga zokusuru bashodeari, Repl. It chīmu ga sorera o miru bashodesu. Fīdobakku koreha, fīdobakku to teian ga zokushi, Repl. It chīmu ga sorera o miru bashodesu. Yakudatsu hōhō kensetsu-teki ni naru anata ga hihan o ataeru tsumorinara, sore o kensetsu-teki ni shite kudasai. Tsumari, nani ka machigatta koto o shite iru node wa naku, shūsei hōhō o hitobito ni oshieru hitsuyō ga arimasu. Supūnfīdo shinaide kudasai dare ka ni jibun no shitsumon no daihon o watashite wa ikemasen. Karera ga nanika o suru hōhō o tazunete irunaraba, karera ga karera no mokuhyō o tassei suru tame ni toru koto ga dekiru suteppu o teian shite kudasai. Oshieru koto ni shūchū suru. Gaman shite anata ni totte akirakana koto wa, puroguramingu ni funarena hito ni totte wa atarashī kamo shiremasen. Kesshite shaberanaide kudasai. Anata ga tan'ni anata ga atsukawa retakattadearou dono yō ni asukā o manabi, atsukai-yō to shita shoshinshadatta toki, anata jishin o oboete kudasai. Shitsumon ni kotaete Ask no tōkō ni kōken shitai baai wa, sore ga jissai ni yakudatsu koto o kakuninshitekudasai. 'Naze x o shiyō shite iru nodesu ka? Kawari ni y o shiyō suru hitsuyō ga arimasu. Shitsumon no kotae ga wakaranai koto o komento shinaide kudasai. So no baai wa mushi dekimasu. Furendorī ni naru nakama no dōryō ni shinsetsu ni shite kudasai. Hito ya sono shigoto o bujoku shinaide kudasai. Ijime ni taisuru kan'yō-sa wa zerodesu. SFW o iji seiketsu ni tamotsu ka, SFW (sagyō ni anzen) ni shite kudasai. Anata ga watashi o misenainara T 10-sai matawa anata no o bāchan ni tōkō shinaide kudasai. Kore ni wa sensei ga fukuma re, kyoka sa rete imasen. Akui no aru hyōgen ni taisuru kyoyō-do zero tokuni jinshu, shūkyō, matawa seiteki shikō nimotozuite, tokutei no gurūpu ni taisuru henken o hyōgen suru gyakutai-teki matawa kyōhaku-tekina bunshō wa, tadachini kinshi sa remasu. Sonohoka no rūru senden shinaide kudasai puroguramingu igai no sakuhin ya saito o senden suru tōkō ya komento o tōkō shinaide kudasai. Saikuru no akaunto o koreijō sakusei shinaide kudasai jibun no tōkō ya komento ni tōhyō suru tame no daitai akaunto o sakusei shinaide kudasai. Hitobito no tōkō ya komento o tairyō ni tōhyō shinaide kudasai subete no komento ni sansei-hyō o ire tari, kojin no purofīru ni tōkō shi tari shite, yori ōku no saikuru o teikyō suru koto dake o mokuteki to shinaide kudasai. Jōshiki jōshiki wa korera subete no rūru ni tekiyō sa remasu. 'Rūru o mageru' koto wa arimasen. Iimawashi ni kekkan o mitsukete, sore o yūri ni shiyō shinaide kudasai. Kihontekini, nukeana o mitsukete sorera o akuyō shinaide kudasai. Hoka no gengo genjitende wa, eigo igai no gengo wa sapōto shite imasen. Kore wa, yūzā no dai tasū ga eigo nomi o hanashi, hoka no gengo de no tōkō o moderēto suru koto ga muzukashī tamedesu. Miryoku-tekina futō ni kinshi sa reta to omowa reru baai wa, [email protected] repl. It de mōshitate o sōshin shite kudasai. Korera no rūru wa tsuneni shinka shite ori, sorera ni taisuru saigo no kōshin wa 2/ 20/ 2020deshita.

Google translate is quite helpful

TheForArkLD (245)

@DynamicSquid Yos, but this text has some english, lol.

Warhawk947 (458)

@DynamicSquid you should probably let a japanese speaker translate this lol

SuguruChhaya1 (1)

@DynamicSquid Nice Japanese lol. (I am Japanese)

SuguruChhaya1 (1)

@TheForArkLD こんにちは!
ハッピー コーディング!!

TheForArkLD (245)

@SuguruChhaya1 :)

SuguruChhaya1 (1)

@TheForArkLD 都合により日曜日の午前7時にはプログラミングができません。すみません。(ちなみに日本人ですか?それともグーグルトランズレートを使っていますか?)

Yolt (2)

Excuse me Mat (and other editors and helpers), I would just like to point out that some things were misspelled: different in 'Use The Correct Category' and Be sure in 'Answer the question'. I am not trying to be annoying, I just thought I should point it out to you, I don't mean to be rude.

  • Yolt

(also thanks for setting out these rules)


hi how are u doing i am interested in learning html css and javascript!

mrgorman (2)

I recently started using Repl.it a a teacher - school being moved online. After just two weeks I am very impressed with it's easy of use for me and the students. I look forward to learning more. I have even though about adding it to my regular class when we go back to on campus. I appreciate all of the work being done to make this site happen!

StudentFires (294)

@mrgorman Plenty of other teachers use Repl with their classes, and there's plenty of support behind such a decision. Repl is fully online, supports multiple programming languages (and the # of languages is rapidly growing), and has a massive community to assist anyone when they're stuck and need help.

SpicedSpices (121)

@mrgorman you seem like a pretty cool teacher

jorgernes (0)

it's ok...hi everybody

sylashur (50)

What is the policy on influencing a user's vote based on what another user has said. This is in relation to many "Please upvote" requests, as well as downvote bandwagons being established to attack other users.

mat1 (3240)

@sylashur Asking for upvotes isn't against the rules, but harassing members isn't allowed and should be reported.

vidaloca (0)

Thank you! As a true beginner, these are great ground rules.

bgrubert (130)

mat1 should hit 3141 cycles for pi day

codingjjh0515 (4)

I can't access to Python now.
failed to connect....

Mlgt45456789101 (7)

Smithy boy and the crew... enough said

MatReiner (98)

function deleteChat(txt?){ [Secret Code] }

Oshkosh2006 (3)

i accidentally turned my cat into a dog.

MatReiner (98)

I accidentally made a lethal weapon capable of Crashing ANY post.
(and i want to get rid of it)

CSharpIsGud (404)

@MatReiner Did you try deleting the zero effort posts yet, that would be a nice use of it

mat1 (3240)

@CSharpIsGud If you don't like zero effort posts, please report them as they are against the rules. :)

CSharpIsGud (404)

@mat1 "python3 interpreter" says otherwise

mat1 (3240)

@CSharpIsGud I can't find that post. Can you please report it using the built-in report function? Thanks.

CSharpIsGud (404)

@mat1 o wait it already got locked, but that guy still got to keep those 88 upvotes, hopefully people understand what funny is now

mat1 (3240)

@CSharpIsGud I think the post was made before the rule was put in place so that's why it didn't get deleted.

MatReiner (98)

@CSharpIsGud I could if some mod said "yes" bu I won't otherwise and it'll probably get patched so that's probably no

MatReiner (98)

@mat1 Also I had 43 cycles and because I answered a question earlier now I have 10, so I lost them all!

mat1 (3240)

@MatReiner Your comments got deleted because you were spambotting.

MatReiner (98)

@mat1 Right, that was a half accident

MatReiner (98)

@mat1 could you fix it pls? Or is it proper-deleted?

mat1 (3240)

@MatReiner Unfortunately Repl.it does not archive posts pot I checked using my own Repl Talk archive and it seems normal enough. If you want you can create the post again, but please don't spambot.

MatReiner (98)

@mat1 sry, tho my cycles are depleted

MatReiner (98)

@TaylorLiang see what? The algorithm? Or the cycles?

mat1 (3240)

@TaylorLiang He was spam creating posts and this is against the rules and may result in your account getting suspended.

mat1 (3240)

@TaylorLiang It'll result in anyone's accounts getting banned if they do it after being aware it's against the rules.

MatReiner (98)

I'll give you the code Monday, then I'll delete the code and hope someone patches it (like, only one comment every 15sec)

roylatgnail (843)

@mat1 I didnt want to use it, I just wanted to see the code

MatReiner (98)

@TaylorLiang I'll give you it in a private(ish) repl: https://xpresso.matreiner.repl.co/badalgorithm.html, but if you use it, I'm not salvaging your account (nor the chat)

MatReiner (98)

I think I accidentally spammed my posts and therefore got them deleted

mat1 (3240)

@MatReiner What were the posts about? They might have been deleted by a moderator for being spam.

abigailchen0826 (0)

So this is my Mad Libs code in Python and it says that there is an invalid syntax in the first print statement. Can anyone help?

name = input("Enter a name: ")
place = input ("Enter a place: ")
place2 = input("Enter another place: ")
problem = input("Enter a problem: ")
adjective = input("Enter a adjective: ")
solution_to_problem = input("Enter a solution to the problem: ")
after_the_solution = input("Enter a result from the solution: ")

print("Once upon a time, " + name + " lived in an cozy and sweet " + place ".")
print("He/She wanted to go to somewhere exciting, so he/she planned a trip to " + place2 ".")
print("But then, " + problem + " and so he/she was very " + adjective ".")
print("He/She had to do something! So he/she " + solution_to_problem ".")
print("After he/she did this, " + after_the_solution + ".")
print("And " + name + "lived happily ever after.")

Fallacy (0)

@abigailchen0826 You forgot to put a plus between place and "."

sylashur (50)

@abigailchen0826 I'm not a moderator or admin but for purposes entirely in your own benefit, please post this in the talk room, Ask. That talk room is frequented by people looking to solve other people's problems.

WiseWallaby (0)

OMG That is so good

sophielowry (4)

Hello I apparently have assignments set by my teacher but they are not on here and I do not understand it, can anyone help?

MatthewRamos1 (3)

@sophielowry you click on the notification bell then you click view all and then you click classroom.

if it doesn't work then idk

mrgorman (2)

As a teacher I would ask you to contact your teacher for help...I am sure that person is learning too, and might need to make some adjustements - @sophielowry

ipastrano (208)

It would be bad to create another account when you reach the free maximum limit for storage, right? (haven't seen or done this, i've used less than 1MB XD)

mat1 (3240)

@ipastrano There's no rules against it, so it's probably fine

Zavexeon (1016)

@ipastrano Also you have unlimited storage. (The storage per repl is limited though)

ipastrano (208)

@Zavexeon sorry, late reply. I have a free account, so the limit is 100MB.

ipastrano (208)

@PDanielY hmmmm...ok then, i didnt know that.

EBLS (0)

top ten websites i found while becoming a coder

SarahGibson1 (0)

Thank you! And God Bless You Always My Family &(~_~)&

ipastrano (208)

@mat1 @zavexeon I'm making a Disney-themed game in c++(specifically STAR WARS) and want to post it on the talk page. Does using Disney characters/themes break the rules, or can I do it?

mat1 (3240)

@ipastrano I believe this counts as fair use so it should be fine :)