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Repl.it CodeJam Event #4
Mosrod (501)

Welcome to the fourth Repl.it CodeJam! This challenge that fits every coder from beginning to advanced will have you coding new ideas for a topic that is announced. If you need help, you can ask the Admins, Moderators, or your competitors on the Discord server. If you win this free challenge, you will get to be featured on the newsletter, get an emoji on the Discord server, and get the special role on the Discord server. You'll never want to miss out on this coding opportunity, so sign up, and code away!

Date: Friday October 26th, 6:30pm EDT to Sunday October 28th, 6:30pm EDT
Length: 48 hours
SignUp Form: https://goo.gl/forms/6iu0iHrMw9cir13q2
Discord Server: https://repl.it/discord

eankeen (1923)

Awesome! Stoked for this event!



syntax_hacker0 (2)

i'm a beginner can i participate ?

XavierDD (99)

Do I need an discord account to participate?