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Repl.it CodeJam Event #5
Mosrod (505)

Welcome to the fifth Repl.it CodeJam. This challenge that will have you coding about an announced topic fits every coder, from beginner to advanced. On the Discord server and Talk, you can request help if you need more ideas or are stuck on coding. The winner will get featured on the newslettera and get a special role and emoji on the Discord server. You won't want to miss this wonderful oppurtunity, so sign up on the form and happy coding!

Date: Friday January 18th, 6:00pm EST to Sunday Jan 20th, 6:00pm EST
Length: 48 hours
SignUp Form: https://goo.gl/forms/B1Hn9HgPeRQ6iJOs1
Discord Server: https://repl.it/discord

Nanowrimoijk (54)

sweet, cant wait! This is my first so I don't know what to expect, but i'm excited!

nicholasBolen (1)

Can this be done in teams? If only I sign up am I still allowed to invite a friend to work on the project with me?

Mosrod (505)

@nicholasBolen This CodeJam is not a team event, so you can't work with a partner. In the future, we might have another team event so look for new CodeJam announcements.


So will this be a topic that you can write in any language?

Mosrod (505)

@CallumThompson Yes, you have to make the repl for the CodeJam before the event, but if you want to write it in a different language, you can delete the repl and add a new one with the exact name but with a different language after the event has started.


@Mosrod great! Already signed up, just wanted to know as I've never done one of these before! Thanks for your reply!

Zavexeon (1180)

Welp. When you accidentally make your program overwrite the wrong files and destroy your work and can't recover it using the history.

Ded. >_<

minermaniac447 (275)

can I sign up without putting in my real name? or is that a required field

Mosrod (505)

@minermaniac447 You can put in a nickname (fake name)