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Repl.it Feature Roadmap
timmy_i_chen (1086)

At the current time of writing, the Repl.it team is 8 people, and we are often asked about what we're working on. We actually use our Feedback boards as a roadmap, though it may not be clear. Posts can have statuses like Planned or In Progress. Let me explain what each one of those means:

In Progress means that development or design for the feature has begun. It may have just started, or we may have released a semi-working version of the feature (like the Shell), for example), and are looking for ways to expand its capabilities. Github integration is another example of such a feature, where we have importing github repls but not the other way around - that will come soon.

Planned means that we're actively looking for avenues into a particular feature, but development has not yet begun on it - for example, we know for sure that we want to make a Repl.it mobile app, but we currently don't have the bandwidth to support it right now.

And then there are features that are not in progress or planned. If you've been eyeing a feature in this category, fear not! It does not mean that we don't want to implement it! If we put every feature we wanted to add under "planned", that word would lose all meaning as we would love to implement 99% of feature requests that come in. But as a team of 8, we can only do so much, and we ask for your patience as we build the perfect tool for everyone.

View features in progress

View planned features

What you see on these pages are also not exhaustive. We're quite busy every day and we sometimes forget to give a post a particular status. If you're ever curious about any of them - just ask! We don't bite. :)

Happy programming,

enigma_dev (7079)

Thx for the clarification!

eankeen (1222)

Awesome! Thanks for the clarification