GFX Public Beta: Build Games and GUI Apps
amasad (2368)

Hello everyone,

We've spent months researching methods to implement a cross-platform and cross-language graphics engine in With our Explorer's help, we've explored different ways of doing graphics -- some of you even built amazing things on it! However, the time has finally come to start rolling out our graphics system. It's still buggy and requires some more work but it works. Some of you might have even already discovered it.

While we intend to roll this out to all our languages we're starting with a few specific environments and we'll generalize from there:

Here is a taste of what the development environment might look like:

Some limitations and known issues:

  1. The graphics window is shared across clients. I.e. if you share your repl with someone they'll be able to interact with the same window you're interacting with. It
  2. You have to fork someone's repl before seeing the result.
  3. Sound sadly doesn't work yet

We're hoping to fix these pending issue in the next week.

[TO TRY IT FORK AND FUN] I pulled a few examples from the web for you to check out.

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ChristianWillaum (0)

In Java Swing my application may load once. If I close the application then I just get a loading wheel (or sometimes a black screen with a black x for a mouse cursor) and can't run it a second time. Really looking forward to this feature though!

amasad (2368)

@ChristianWillaum what happens when you run it the next time? A screenshot or some logs would help us debug. Thanks

ChristianWillaum (0)

@amasad The second time I run it the nohup.out files has the following at the bottom. The screen looks like the attached picture.

XIO: fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server ":0"
after 12840 requests (12840 known processed) with 0 events remaining.

Any other information you need?