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Repl.it GimKit event! 🎉🎉🎉
21natzil (1103)

Hows it going everyone? I'm here to share with you, the first of many interactive repl.it events, all through your computer. But before I get a head of myself, let me explain what's happening.


We're going to be playing a game on https://www.gimkit.com that will involve computer science questions and repl.it trivia. Most of the questions are not going to be super easy, but you'll never learn if you don't challenge yourself!


Glad you asked. The event will take place 2PM EDT October 6th (Tomorrow). If you want to be notified about the event, I suggest you join the repl.it discord where you'll also have the option to speak with other replitears during the game.


Because people are important. You're important. The person standing behind you is important. The more you interact with the important people around you, more fun you'll have, repl.it or anywhere else!


I'll update this post with a link and the code to join 30min before the event starts. Hope to see you all there!

Open this link: https://www.gimkit.com/play and enter the code 12668 !

LucHutton (188)

It needed more questions, after seeing them all it became too easy.
But it was fun!

21natzil (1103)

@LucHutton That's good to know, I'll keep that in mind next time

21natzil (1103)

Comment below on how it went! Was it too hard? Was it fun? Too easy? Let me know!

21natzil (1103)

@PDanielY Sorry to hear that! Don't worry though, we'll be hosting many more.

PDanielY (966)

@21natzil ok, I even love GimKit. I started using it a few weeks before this competition made out.