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Repl.it Mobile App MVP
Kognise (407)

We did it! 10 days ago I created a post asking if people were interested in a mobile app for Repl.it. The answer in general was yes, and I set out to build the best possible thing I could.

And I just released the MVP of the app. Here are some supported features:

  • Creating and deleting repls and files 📂
  • Both dark mode and light mode 🌚
  • Integrated code editor with syntax highlighting 💻
  • Rich editor preferences ⚙
  • Works on both Android and iOS 📱

And I'm planning on adding much more, including Repl Talk support. I couldn't have done this without the help of all the amazing testers on our Discord server as well as support from Repl.it team members. This was also a fun experience learning React Native.

Q: Where can I download it?
A: You can download the Android app here. iOS is supported but I don't currently have a release.
Q: What about running repls?
A: Although you can view web repls, other types of repls are not currently supported. Repl.it recently moved to an API based on protocol buffers and due to several concerns of theirs we may have to wait until June.
Q: What the heck is an MVP?
A: MVP stands for "minimum viable product." According to Wikipedia, it is "a product with just enough features to satisfy early customers, and to provide feedback for future product development."
Q: What did you build it with?
A: I used React Native as well as many other open-source projects including React Native Paper. I really appreciate all the work the maintainers of these projects put in that helped make Repl.it Mobile so much better.

If you're interested and want to learn more or get early access to features, make sure to join the Discord community! Disclaimer: Repl.it Mobile is currently a community-run project. You can view the source code here.

danlaycy (0)

Really looking forward to the iOS one? Do you have any timeframe for release yet?

Kognise (407)

@danlaycy I have a roadmap, and it works on iOS - it just isn't released on the App Store.

danlaycy (0)

Well I’d love a copy if there is anyway I’m happy to beta test it for you? @Kognise

Kognise (407)

@danlaycy Feel free to join the Discord server!

AbigailJo (0)

The app's login with Google doesn't seem to work for me... Can anyone help please?

Kognise (407)

@AbigailJo Hey! Login with sites such as Google, Facebook, and GitHub aren't working yet, although they're on the roadmap.



anewlevelmedia (0)

I literally just came here to the forum/community side looking to see if there was a mobile app (or to request one). Glad I found this and I'll be giving it a shot. Thanks!

cats_ur_cool77 (33)

Just wondering what progress you're making. Did you get any help on the web logging?
Also, I am using Android v6, and the code editor doesn't function properly. Hoping you can fix that. Thanks!

Kognise (407)

@cats_ur_cool77 I still haven't figured out the web logging - I posted on StackOverflow and got no answers. It seems to be a pretty unique problem.

Would you mind telling me exactly what part of the code editor isn't functioning and how? I would really appreciate it if you could join the Discord server to help me debug it. Thanks for the report!

I'm meeting with Amjad over Google Hangouts today and then will get back to the previous rapid development.

cats_ur_cool77 (33)

@Kognise Thank you! I will join the discord.

The entire editor isn't functioning, I can't even see the code, much less edit it. I would like to see this thrive, so I will get all the help I can. Thanks!

Kognise (407)

@cats_ur_cool77 Hmmmm... I'll have to attach a debugger to figure it out. I think I can run an Android 6 emulator.

Nanowrimoijk (43)

Hurray! Its good to see this finally getting some large progress done on it!

bossotron13 (67)

Awesome, i just got it on my phone and everything is great, cant wait till June when running the code will work

AISD_Rodriguez (0)

I wasn't able to see the source code. Is the link just pointing to Repl.it?

GavHern (81)

This looks incredible! What do you mean by "iOS is supported but I currently don't have a release"? Do you plan on putting it on iOS?

Kognise (407)

@GavHern Thanks! What I meant is that the code works and has been tested on iOS, but I don't yet have a paid Apple developer account to build an IPA file or distribute it on the App Store.

GavHern (81)

@Kognise Do you plan on it or is iOS out of the question?

Kognise (407)

@GavHern I TOTALLY plan on it!

GavHern (81)

@Kognise Sounds great! Looking at the screenshots, this looks amazing! Best of luck dude! (Some of my game dev buddies say the App Store is a bit of a pain to work with, idk)

DashL (9)

@Kognise how is it going with IOS by the way?

Kognise (407)

@DashL I just verified on a simulator, works perfectly! Even with a notch

DashL (9)

@Kognise Nice! I really meant how is it going with getting it on the App Store or TestFlight or something but I’m glad to hear it’s working well!



amasad (2492)

So cool to see React Native used on Repl.it. I was one of the original creators -- open source for the win ✌️

JSer (641)

Nice, I would want to collab

Kognise (407)

@JSer Awesome! Make sure to join the discord server :)

HarperframeInc (278)

It's quite insecure, I must of accidentally logged into someone's account.

(Don't worry @Xeborch I have not stolen your password and have used these images for an example)

Also I can't log into Google, so..... I can't use the app.

Kognise (407)

@HarperframeInc To your first concern - Xeborch is a public test account for people who don't feel comfortable logging in with their own account, and to your second - we need the Repl.it team to make changes to their backend before OAuth login works.

abcd123oo (1)

@HarperframeInc same happened here.same user name

RobertFurr (43)

Can you use it when you're offline?

Kognise (407)

@RobertFurr not currently, but I'll add offline functionality to the roadmap. Great idea!

RobertFurr (43)

@Kognise Great! I was hoping we could have some kind of offline functionality. I also personally think that an app would be a great idea because I could take my Lenovo Tab 4 10 with me on a trip and learn how to code without internet (I'm new to coding and it's still kinda confusing)

Boopydoop (155)

@RobertFurr hey if you want to learn to code offline reply mobile could be a great option if implemented but there's already a load of ok mobile ides like qpython for python and aws for html/css/jj I wish you the best in your coding journey

AdCharity (1270)

@Kognise I think offline for the actual website too would be cool. Saving data in local storage and then syncing it to the cloud would be a great solution.

mkhoi (286)

Awesome! I hope you'll release this on IOS soon

Kognise (407)

@mkhoi We're working on it! I'm actually about to get an apple dev account

PAULX (20)

nice i hope the release of the full version of the app coming soon. :D

Kognise (407)

@PAULX I'm planning on it!

B0T (16)

this is awesome!

EthanJustice (67)

@RoylatGnail There are only two options in this world: yeet or be yoted.

Boopydoop (155)

Nice can't wait until repl talk and running support the limited testing I did was fun and I wish you the best in makeing this project better as time passes.