How to submit your PL Jam entry
amasad (2544)

Hello everyone! We're less than a week away from the end of the jam so it's time to start polishing up your projects and submitting them. We'll close submissions on Sep 1st.

To submit:

  • Using this forum, one of the team members should make a submission.
  • Simply click "add post" and select the "Jam" board. Make sure to mention the team your posting on behalf and your team members.
  • Pitch your language! Describe the main idea behind it, sample code, design decisions, technical trade-offs, roadmap, and whatever else you think is relevant (we support markdown)
  • Add the main source repl. If it's split between multiple projects, add all of them describing what each does
  • Ideally, judges can simply click run and be able to interact with your language. If that's not possible, then please add instructions on how judges can run your language and try a sample program

We're all very excited to see what you all made!

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