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Share your loopback!
amasad (3274)

If you didn't see my email, we released an app that lets you --look-- loop back on your year. Check it out https://replitloopback.repl.co/

Let's use this thread to share our loopbacks. Here is my card (you can see yours on the last page). And tag your bestie (mine is @kochman)

Happy new year!

firefish (937)

@FloCal35 no, december 31st 2021. 2021 just started.

amasad (3274)

@firefish yes I'm already in 2022. Hope you catch up soon

FloCal35 (369)

haha @amasad, is COVID over yet?

I'm confuzzled to @JBYT27

YuvanVighnesh (100)

@amasad pls im dying to kno lmao

firefish (937)

@Leroy01010 must be the ISO week year

ObiVibKenobi (169)

Get you my level I reached 2022 5 years ago, I’m in 2050 already.

For those of you who didn’t know: No, the world did not get to net-zero carbon dioxide emissions, most costal towns are already flooded. Welcome to the future! It sucks here :(


firefish (937)

@ObiVibKenobi Have you invented time-travel yet? If so, try going back to 2015 to warn us about COVID

ObiVibKenobi (169)

Sure thing, but time travel’s still really experimental. Last time someone tried to warn you about COVID, they accidentally went back to the bubonic plague. No idea what happened to them. @firefish

firefish (937)

@ObiVibKenobi Oh dear. Once you do create working time travel, be sure to come and warn us.

ObiVibKenobi (169)

Bad news: COVID is still going on, and the scientist who was developing time travel just died to it @firefish

firefish (937)

@ObiVibKenobi Erm... woops... How about: you make a time capsule, and someone in the future will come and save us all?

ObiVibKenobi (169)

Sure thing! Just one problem: like I said, nature is in a terrible shape. There’s a good change nobody will be alive in the future to save us. But I’ll try :) @firefish

firefish (937)

@ObiVibKenobi Well, that is technically a warning to the past... We'll save humanity, don't worry.

ObiVibKenobi (169)

Thanks! Because I hate the earth right now :) @firefish

wereismywater (19)

@amasad wow that sucks for you. 2022 spells out 2020 two. as in the second 2020 and if movies told me anything the squeals are always worse than the originals xD

ch1ck3n (1274)

@amasad teleport me to the future

Coder100 (15738)



KobeFF (1292)


Yay I got tons of achievements :)

My bestie was @OmSilwal but he turned out to be a b!tch (don't ask) so now we're not friends anymore lol
YuvanVighnesh (100)

@AneeshKotvali1 where u at

I didnt start until September lol

Bookie0 (5668)

'tis my loopback ˆˆˆˆ veryy brightty and yellowy niceey 🟨

yus yus lol 🥸

wow iz my name in big white with da bootiful pfp! 🙀

Really nice, can't wait to see what repl.it gonna grow into next year xD!!! ⚡️✨

JBloves27 (1523)

For me, it seems like authorization doesnt work?

mwilki7 (1130)

Took me a while to notice but there's a tiny arrow at the bottom right corner

JBloves27 (1523)

Ah, ok @mwilki7
Edit: i dont see anything

TheDrone7 (1652)

https://replitloopback.repl.co/api/image?username=TheDrone7 hehe. @lilykhan is me bestie (at least on repl.it)

lilykhan (600)

@TheDrone7 what do u mean (at least on repl.it)? are we not bestie in general? :C or at discord?

TheDrone7 (1652)

@lilykhan I said at least not at most.

CyberHacker101 (109)

I just did the math I got about 1.25 upvotes on each of my posts and mostly got 75 upvotes from my very rad meme comments @CyberHacker101

xxpertHacker (784)


Oh hey, never would've guess that I'd worked with @sugarfi that much...

On another note, 14 languages isn't very much :/ should probably learn more.

sugarfi (600)

@xxpertHacker tbf a ton of those were just like forks of other repls

also reeeeeee ping

xxpertHacker (784)

@sugarfi Ha, most were Quill stuff, iirc.

Also, forgot people still hated being pinged so much.

sugarfi (600)

@xxpertHacker yeah lol

Also, forgot people still hated being pinged so much.

nah np i'm just joking

realTronsi (907)

@xxpertHacker why need to learn new languages when you're quitting programming this year

xxpertHacker (784)

@realTronsi Shoot, that is a good point, I'll go learn more human languages instead.

realTronsi (907)

@xxpertHacker good idea, try learning how to make friends

xxpertHacker (784)

@realTronsi Why? Learning Japanese sounds more interesting.

CyberHacker101 (109)

lol just program a friend so it isn't so hard @xxpertHacker

Jlasseter13 (1)

Not very exciting but here it is. Looking to do more in 2021!

FlaminHotValdez (367)

Is it bad that literally 75% of my cycles are from comments?

jeweledfox (6)

I just started using Repl.it in 2020, but I'll use it more in the future!

RhinoRunner (644)

alright heres my loopback:

@DanielGreynold1 is my real bestie. @BeanosTheBean is my alt I use with my school account. I don't actually use it anymore. (Don't worry I didn't even accept the confirmation email so I can't updoot my own posts)

I didn't start coding 'till August and didn't start using repl.it 'till October.

I guess this means no achievements... ;-;


RhinoRunner (644)

@CyberHacker101 The correct way to spell upvote

CyberHacker101 (109)

lololololololololololololol @RhinoRunner

tankerguy1917 (159)

my besties where diffleysnumbero(Funky), IntellectualGuy, and IntelDS

elipie (373)

seems as though amasad has messed his markdown up...

CoolCoderSJ (367)


@amasad the 1808 repls in 51 languages is...a lot (remembers he's the CEO)

JBloves27 (1523)

Finally! ANyways, my bestie is @darkdarcool :D