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StuTech Grants | Get $200 to work on your project!
theos_space (15)

Hi repl Talk!

I’m Theo, a 15-year-old fellow hacker and high-schooler.

I’m the founder of StuTech Grants, a nonprofit that gives grants out to students who are building impactful and innovative STEM projects. We get rid of all the pains of traditional grants— long applications, expense forms, bureaucracy; allowing you to get on with what you do best, making.

I started StuTech Grants a few months ago, after trying to start a 3D Printing Club to get kids in my school into STEM— we got about 20 signups for the club, but had to shut it down due to not having a working 3D printer.

Our first public grant round for $200 (sponsored by repl.it!) starts tomorrow. and I wanted to invite all of you to apply. It will be judged by some incredible industry leaders, including Ryan Hoover, Geoff Ralston, and others!

Applying is simple, fill out the application within the next 4 days, then our panel of judges will vote on Friday night, and you’ll find out whether you won on Saturday!

If you’re interested, check our our website: https://grants.stutech.org, there are more details (and a full list of our judges) there.