#BuiltOnReplit (Edition #43)
21natzil (1162)

Goooooooood Morning everyone! As @katyadee mentioned last week, Weekly Repl Highlights is now #BuiltonReplit, so if you post your repl.it projects on social media, be sure to leave the hashtag #BuiltonReplit for a chance to get mentioned in this announcement. The repl.it discord finished it's 7th Code Jam, and it was a blast! We'll be sure to get you the results of that next week, or you can join the discord to be notified sooner. With that out of the way, let's checkout your awesome repls!

@William3 Created a calculator, utilizing repl.it's new PHP repls!

@duck132912 Created a fully functioning chat website, that includings typing messages, and url parsing!

@SolarBoom Introducing, Woogle. The only search engine you'll ever need.

@MarcusWeinberger We've seen people run minecraft servers on repl.it, however here's a new one- Send messages to minecraft servers, all in repl.it

@dotcomboom Ever wonder what projects you've stared on github? Open this repl in a new window, and you'll get a random one!

That's all folks, Cya next week!

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marsbar (11)

Thanks for adding my project!