Monthly repls - May 2020
TheDrone7 (1089)

Monthly repls - May 2020

Good morning/evening fellow replers! Today, I decided to start this new "series" of posts that'll be featuring some of the month's repl talk posts that you must check out. There might be some other posts as well worth noting that I missed out on but let's get started anyways. Here are the monthly repls for May 2020.

@Bookie0 made a rather funny fortune teller. Now this might not be an actual fortune teller but it is enjoyable and funny.

@CodingCactus recreated the classic old 2048 game in a command line interface using python!

@Scoder12 developed a libopus file compatible with for all the discord bot developers out there who want to make music bots on! Check out how to get it here!

@BobTheTomatoPie made an [interactive tutorial on lambda functions](!/37983) in python. This really is one of a kind tutorial.

@Coder100 made a web-based infinite runner game using the Unity3D engine! This might not look like much but it still is a lot of fun.

@nithilan4 made a really cool post on how you can use CSS to morph textures. Check out the cool effects here!

@KobeFF wrote our first official LOLCODE tutorial!

@SixBeeps made a small command line program that plays music and displays the subtitles along with it. It takes advantage of our beta features so make sure you're an explorer when you check this one out.

@MrEconomical wrote a very good tutorial on How cryptocurrencies work and also shared the various ways in which you can convert a string into a number in JavaScript!

@CSharpIsGud started a tutorial series on how to write a programming language.

@LOLMcman created a visualizer for some of the popular sorting algorithms. Check it out and understand how they work LIVE.

@theangryepicbanana created their own programming language with features like list processing, set operations, and even a save file for the interactive REPL.

There's a lot more than happened this month and these are just the highlights. If you did like some other posts that I missed out here, be sure to share them via the comments section.

A quick note : There were a lot of text based games posted this month but I didn't keep them in my list cuz there were too many of them. And, there were also many great templates posted but they were not chosen because they were submissions for a competition. However, from June 2020, they will also be included here.

And that's it for this month! Be sure to keep posting great stuff out there and I'll keep featuring them in the future posts.

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PDanielY (983)

To be honest, I think this is a really bad idea. You are making people feel like they are not good programmers or their projects sucks because it isn't on here. This is a really bad idea.

DynamicSquid (2678)

@PDanielY I see your point, but what about ever other award out there? Didn't finish in the top 3? Then you suck. I think this actually helps us out since it's getting involved in the community :)

TheDrone7 (1089)

@PDanielY it's just you and others like you who feel this way because they didn't bother reading the entire post. This isn't a competition these are just "highlights" and there are even many other good posts that I may have missed which I clearly said in the post.

lynnlo (43)

I feel quite the opposite actually, when I was younger I used to be inspire by these project (and still am). I think it benefits the makers by getting them the recognition they deserve, and benefits others by showing to them what's possible. If you feel down that your project isn't here then don't stress, just because a team doesn't pick your project doesn't instantly make it bad.

Jakman (380)

@PDanielY how do you know people are feeling bad that they are not good programmers. These are highlights, not the ones who deserve to be on the site.

HahaYes (1063)

@DynamicSquid When I think of "I suck" I feel highly motivated.

awesome10 (212)

@HahaYes agreed, because you think "I suck! time to get on this list!"