WINNER ANNOUNCED: What would you do with $5,000?
katyadee (1160)

Quick update on our Music Hackathon announcement: We've just heard from the judge, and we'll be announcing some time next week. We're sorry for the wait!

BUT, let me make it up to y'all. In the meantime, while we wait patiently...

Whoever gives me the most creative answer to the above gets a free subscription to our Hacker Plan for 3 months. You have until Sunday. Let's do this thing!

The winner of the 3 month Hacker Plan is @RockyKev!

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JacksonEnnis (7)

@katyadee In the blistering desert of Arizona in the middle of absolutely nowhere there is a massive labyrinth called the "Firey Furnace". This huge maze has a misleading name - because even when the temperature is 100 degrees the inside of the maze can be a cool 70. I went through part of it with my family on a ranger led trip a while ago, and ever since I've wanted to return to explore it on my own. I even became a certified Wilderness First Responder (which is way less cool then it sounds) so that I would be prepared to go exploring on my own.

It would be so cool to explore a literal labyrinth, explore the secret paths, and then at night-time climb to the top of the walls and look at the millions of stars in the sky.

Of course, it is just a dream destination - and theres no guarantee that I'll have enough money to do it after college. But a boy can dream