WINNER ANNOUNCED: What would you do with $5,000?
katyadee (1163)

Quick update on our Music Hackathon announcement: We've just heard from the judge, and we'll be announcing some time next week. We're sorry for the wait!

BUT, let me make it up to y'all. In the meantime, while we wait patiently...

Whoever gives me the most creative answer to the above gets a free subscription to our Hacker Plan for 3 months. You have until Sunday. Let's do this thing!

The winner of the 3 month Hacker Plan is @RockyKev!

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InfernoKay (8)

Buy a lot of watermelons, fill them with blue dye, then sell blue sliced watermelons for a lot more than it's worth...

Or in fact, any colour, and have a rainbow selection to choose from. And there can be some limited edition ones like gold or something exotic like that!

InfernoKay (8)

In reality though, I'd probably end up putting it in savings for Uni - Starting October for Comp Sci