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WINNER ANNOUNCED: What would you do with $5,000?
katyadee (1248)

Quick update on our Music Hackathon announcement: We've just heard from the judge, and we'll be announcing some time next week. We're sorry for the wait!

BUT, let me make it up to y'all. In the meantime, while we wait patiently...

Whoever gives me the most creative answer to the above gets a free subscription to our Hacker Plan for 3 months. You have until Sunday. Let's do this thing!

The winner of the 3 month Hacker Plan is @RockyKev!

nahu (27)


17Fentog (0)

please can i win win 5000 pounds because it will go to charity as i am a cancer research doctor and my winnings will help the world benefit

SkyyCivil (120)

i would probably give it away...
having everything means having nothing.

SkyyCivil (120)

I would get my own condo and then kill myself XD JK

KshitijTyagi (0)

Buy the parts for a good desktop computer and create sandboxing environments for cybersecurity and do some machine learning with the GPU. Also buy myself some more books on programming and computational astronomy.

rediar (414)

hey katya is there any reason why I'm a hacker right now? I don't remember paying for it... I think. @katyadee

InfernoKay (8)

How long now until results?
I've been in suspense for 2 weeks now D:

InfernoKay (8)

Buy a lot of watermelons, fill them with blue dye, then sell blue sliced watermelons for a lot more than it's worth...

Or in fact, any colour, and have a rainbow selection to choose from. And there can be some limited edition ones like gold or something exotic like that!

InfernoKay (8)

In reality though, I'd probably end up putting it in savings for Uni - Starting October for Comp Sci

manumanuk (8)

Step 1: Buy a ticket for a plane to Nevada for $600
Step 2: Rent a car for $20, pay for the gas bill with $50
Step 3: Drive to Area 51, politely knock on the door for a time machine.
Step 4: Travel back in time to before I started my project and pay myself $2000 to do the project not 6 days before the due date.
Step 5: Travel to before July 27 and pay Repl.it $2000 to post the results of the Hackathon that week (you're welcome everyone).
Step 6: Travel to before the results are announced, give myself $330.
Step 7: Repeat the self-money-giving in a cyclical timeline until I'm rich, give away lots of money to charities!

manumanuk (8)

In all seriousness though, I would love to use the prize money to invest in green energy companies that are working towards sustainability, since climate change is an increasingly urgent problem, and one that I am deeply passionate about.

crazyman222214 (18)

I would give it to my parents to help find a better house than the crappy trailer home we live in.

IRchamp (1)

Buy a Nintendo Switch

Ishamali_Isika (1)

Learn forex and start trading. Invest in a good cause. Do some charity. Buy a new phone, etc...

WinterMelon14 (0)

I'd invest in something that seems investable

2009k (11)

I would buy repl.it or a lifetime subscription to the hacker plan.

RobbieBr (0)

Pay off my Code Institute course :)

TheDrone7 (1518)

Well, I'd buy a new laptop (probably around $3k) and some gaming equipment cuz it's been ages since my laptop has been able to run a decent game and I get bored very easily.

PhoenixREPL (1)

Tbh I'd probably donate or give away $3000, then just keep the rest for future stuff or maybe invest it in something?
Yes, I'm most likely not spending any money. I'm pretty ok with what I have, and I probably won't be spending money on games because I'm a F2P player.

(Just to be fair I'm not going to upvote my own comment)

WesleyBenvindo (0)

Buy some bots that make me win this kind of challenge, and then earn endless money.
And after that, all the best ideas, in the list below or above.

06 (5)

Buy everyone in this thread 3 months of Hacker Plan

b1tdreamer (1)

I would buy a van and turn it into a nomad workshop and classroom. Then, travel through rural areas of Latin America organizing courses and workshops related to music, coding and software libre.

Zavexeon (1070)

I would send a bribe to a Nigerian Prince to send $500,000 to my bank account (let's hope he's bad at math). Then I would use that $500,000 dollars to bribe an even richer Nigerian prince to send $5,000,000 to make bank account (hopefully he failed math class too).

After that is all done and said, I buy repl.it, and then proceed with my plan to take over the world.

Here's a sample of the email:

Recipient: [email protected]
CC: Fair trade?
Message body:
Excuse me good sir, I'm a great admirer. It would certainly make my day if you deposit $500,000 in my bank account. I will give you $5000 for your trouble.

Stay rich handsome,

Ishamali_Isika (1)

@Zavexeon well, I don't think Nigerian princes are that dumb. They may not be gold at advanced calculus but believe me, you would lose your money. Plus Nigerians are quite great at math

Ishamali_Isika (1)

@Zavexeon oh... Sorry... That's really creative...

arunavkonwar (1)

Some spicy chicken wings.

I'm a simple man.

ahmedatta3322 (2)

I will use them as life expenses in my traveling expenses , I already have a full time bachelors software engineering scholarship in Berlin , I will use the money to buy the travel needs and to cover the health assurance , of course if I didn't win I have plan B , basically working .

RockyKev (13)

Everyone's joke answer is pretty good. I can't think of any jokes. So I want to go with this:

Turn the $5000 into reward stipends for underprivileged kids in middle or high school. I used to volunteer at a nonprofit, working with these kids - teaching whatever they wanted to learn. Coding is exciting, if they had the mentorship.

I'm a story for that succsss. I was skipping high school, didn't have a job, and wasn't sure what to do with my life. A $100 stipend to attend 8 weekend classes (for Photoshop) was enough to encourage me to complete high school and be the second person in my family to go to college.

It's a low investment, and repl.it has such a low barrier to entry for coding, and it can change a bunch of lives.

katyadee (1248)

@RockyKev and the winner is...!!!

vedprad1 (887)

@katyadee : Have the winners for the music jam been announced, yet?

katyadee (1248)

@vedprad1 TOMORROW -- finally! We're so sorry for the long wait.


@RockyKev Best Thoughts bro.

rediar (414)

start a ponzi scheme and run off to the caymans buy cup noodles.

ebest (652)

@rediar HAHA

it doesn't work for long


I'll try my hand at investing it in cryptocurrency, then buy a drawing tablet and a non-potato computer for coding. With the bit I'll have left I'll get a certificate of Deposit with it. I'll choose a stable coin like monero to invest in, but if that's shaky... There's always microsoft stock! :)

joshhies (208)

I will give tithe to God. And then I probably,... flex,... to,... my,...friend... Nah let me just buy a Animal Jam membership!

InfernoKay (8)

Mangos. Need I say more?

EricBishop2 (2)

I'd buy a decent computer so I can keep programming! :)