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Weekly Challenge #16
TheDrone7 (1654)

Hey there replers! 3 weeks ago, we started the 4th batch of repl.it weekly challenges and this is last of the batch.

So below are the results for the last weekly challenge aka Weekly Challenge #15.

WEEKLY 15 Results

Here are the results for the weekly challenge #15.

RANK 1 : @minx28

RANK 2 : @lilykhan

RANK 3 : @k9chelsea2

In case you did not make into the top 3, you can check out your score at the weekly results website - https://weekly.thedrone7.repl.co

But before that, here's this week's weekly challenge for you all!

Password Vault!

You need to write a program that lets people store passwords (storing permanently is not a requirement). These passwords should be accessible only if the user is authorized. You can just keep 1 global key for everyone or add the ability to have multiple users. The key should be hidden and inaccessible from reading your code. If you're going the global key route, be sure to share the key in the post description but it should not be visible in your code anywhere.

The challenge will be over exactly a week after this post was created (on the same time).


For submitting your repls, post them on the repl talk share board and ensure that they contain #WEEKLY in their name.

NOTE : You cannot have multiple weekly challenge submissions but if you want to share multiple ways of achieving the goal, you can make regular posts that don't contain #WEEKLY in their name, even WEEKLY is fine.

And that's it for today, code away and have fun replers!

DaLiteralPanda (11)

hmm very intresting, wonder what streamlit could do in this but it really depends on my coding skillz hehe

adl212 (159)

How should we show that the password is stored safely? Should we like print out the encrypted password?

TheDrone7 (1654)

@adl212 you don't need to show anything in the regard, I'll try to access it and you need to make sure I can't.

Lord_Poseidon (168)

it remains to be seen how many people store passwords in plaintext

TheDrone7 (1654)

@Lord_Poseidon I mean it's better to just temporarily store it in a json object cuz plaintext means dq

generationXcode (317)

@Lord_Poseidon >These passwords should be accessible only if the user is authorized

So idk if they will store it in plaintext after all...

Lord_Poseidon (168)

@TheDrone7 I'm not participating, just talking about bad practices

CodeLongAndPros (1578)


if user.is_authed():
  with open('passwords.txt') as f:
generationXcode (317)

@CodeLongAndPros anyone can simply open the passwords file?

CodeLongAndPros (1578)

@generationXcode nah, just a 'noob' take on

These passwords should be accessible only if the user is authorized

CodeLongAndPros (1578)


Someone will see

These passwords should be accessible only if the user is authorized

And think 'If there's a password, they can read it. No need to do stuff like 'encryption''

SpicedSpices (296)

@JosephSanthosh a key is a random long string such as 4zf9Jlk2uh2eaXa34fjw3 that is encrypted and is used to help store passwords

SpicedSpices (296)

@JosephSanthosh what you need it for is to add it to the end of a password like superSecretPass4zf9Jlk2uh2eaXa34fjw3 and then use it to hash or encrypt the password, so that it makes it harder to unhash

generationXcode (317)

so like chrome password manager?

AmeenShafeeq (5)

So you just take a input .. store it and hide it that's all ?