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Weekly Challenge #21
TheDrone7 (1649)

Heyo replers! We just finished our 4th batch of weekly challenges and at the end of a month, @HarperframeInc who was ranked 1st received 1 month of free hacker plan.

Today, we'll be starting yet another series of the weekly challenges and again, at the end of the month, whoever has the highest score (the total of scores of the 4 weekly challenges this month), gets 1 month of free hacker plan!

That's it for the recap, moving forward, this week's challenge is given below!


For this month, the theme will be actually useful small projects. And for this week, you have to write an interactive tutorial. What sort of interactions you want the users to make or what sort of UI you may want to develop is entirely in your hands. The only 2 conditions are - it should be educational and it should have some sort of productive interactions (not just press C to continue or X to exit sort of things). It can be on anything, math, coding, science, philosophy as long as it's SFW, everything is acceptable.


For submitting your codes for this challenge, you need to create a new post on repl talk share board and ensure that the post title contains #WEEKLY in it. The judging will go on throughout the week and as soon as the next post is made, the time window for submitting your code will end.

You can check out the last month's results here.

And that's it! Good luck with this week's weekly challenge and have fun!

EpicGamer007 (1506)

These are due on Sunday's right?

AmazingMech2418 (1016)

Ah! I missed the last one because I was too busy with homework (I was doing it in BrainF...). Though, I think I might try this!

dabs364 (276)

share board or tutorials board?

fuzzyastrocat (1504)

Hmm... I think I'll probably pass on this round

FlaminHotValdez (364)

@fuzzyastrocat Me too. No real logic or skill here, just implementation

fuzzyastrocat (1504)

@maxyang Yeah, that was my basic motivation for not partaking. I don't really find raw implementation very fun, what makes these fun is when there's a challenge that I have to really think about to solve (at least, that's what makes it fun to me).

FlaminHotValdez (364)

@fuzzyastrocat Yup same here, although sometimes it's just too difficult for me, like the fibonacci primes. I liked this past month's challenges, I actually had to think, all the rest were just implementation...

TheDrone7 (1649)

@fuzzyastrocat I'd be in the same boat as you but everyone has their own set of interests therefore, I take turns sayisfying each style of programs each month. Those challenges will be back in a month or 2 again!

fuzzyastrocat (1504)

@TheDrone7 Great! It's fine to switch things up a bit, I had seen some of the comments on the final post for last month's set so I understand why you did it this way for this set.

Coder100 (15682)

now what to make

potatojs (820)

@Coder100 a tutorial on how it is like to be a cookie...
i'm actually curious