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Weekly Challenge #22
TheDrone7 (1628)

Hey there replers! 1 week ago, we started the 6th batch of repl.it weekly challenges. And here is the 2nd challenge of the series.

So below are the results for the last weekly challenge aka Weekly Challenge #21.

WEEKLY 21 Results

Here are the results for the weekly challenge #21.


RANK 2 : @CodingCactus

RANK 3 : @k9chelesea2

We only had 3 submissions last week so and they are all named above but I'll still leave this link here - https://weekly.thedrone7.repl.co.

Finally, here's this week's challenge


Moving on with this week's topic of "actually useful projects", for the next challenge, you have to develop a recommendation system. For this project, take some basic info from the user on any topic and then make recommendations on what they could try out on the same topic. A most simple example is to ask user for what genres of music they like and who their favorite artists are and recommend music from similar artists and same genre.

The challenge will be over exactly a week after this post was created.


For submitting your repls, post them on the repl talk share board and ensure that they contain #WEEKLY in their name.

NOTE : You cannot have multiple weekly challenge submissions but if you want to share multiple ways of achieving the goal, you can make regular posts that don't contain #WEEKLY in their name, even WEEKLY is fine.

And that's it for today, code away and have fun replers!

DynamicSquid (4602)
Are you a squid?
> no
I recommend becoming one
DynamicSquid (4602)

@fuzzyastrocat Oh, can I use your word "confuzzled" in my bio? It's new my favourite word :)


Would you know how to, theoretically program a virus that rickrolled you and only got removed from the PC once you typed "Never Gonna Give You Up" ? (I would not use it for malicious purposes, only pranks, lol)


Hi, so it just has to give a recommendation based on info provided by the user?

TheDrone7 (1628)

@HyperGamerStuds yes, that's it. Although the recommendation has to be based off of the user input and not just something entirely random.


does my submission qualify? @TheDrone7

TheDrone7 (1628)

@HyperGamerStuds well, we'll only know when I judge them. If you have any direct doubts as to about what you need to do. You can ask but I cannot tell you if what you did was right or wrong before judging them.


hmm.... @TheDrone7


What's the prize exactly? @TheDrone7

TheDrone7 (1628)

@HyperGamerStuds at the end of every 4 challenges, the winner gets a month of free hacker plan.


oof, noice @TheDrone7

FlaminHotValdez (347)

I'll pass, thnx, I don't have much experience in this field of coding and I'm mostly logic-based.

k9chelsea2 (765)

nice (also my username is k9chelsea2 not k9chelesea2)