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Weekly Challenge #23
TheDrone7 (1654)

Hey there replers! 2 weeks ago, we started the 6th batch of repl.it weekly challenges. It's been a week since the 2nd challenge (#22) was posted.

So below are the results for the last weekly challenge aka Weekly Challenge #22.

IMPORTANT : Since this month's weekly challenges were started rather late, this will be the last challenge of this month. (There will be no 4th challenge this month).

WEEKLY 22 Results

Here are the results for the weekly challenge #22.


RANK 2 : @CodingCactus

RANK 3 : @k9chelesea2 and @BD103

We only had 3 submissions last week so and they are all named above but I'll still leave this link here - https://weekly.thedrone7.repl.co.

Finally, here's this week's challenge


This one is pretty simple, take a puzzle of your choice, of any sort with the only requirement being that it should depend on at least 1 variable and then write a program that takes the variable inputs from user and then provides a solution to the puzzle.

A sample would be a solution for the towers of hanoi problem where the variables could be the number of rods and the initial order of the rings on the rods.

The challenge will be over exactly a week after this post was created.


For submitting your repls, post them on the repl talk share board and ensure that they contain #WEEKLY in their name.

NOTE : You cannot have multiple weekly challenge submissions but if you want to share multiple ways of achieving the goal, you can make regular posts that don't contain #WEEKLY in their name, even WEEKLY is fine.

And that's it for today, code away and have fun replers!

adl212 (159)

I think the challenges should be a bit easier to do.

FlaminHotValdez (372)

sooooooooooo... tower of hanoi counts as a puzzle? Hmm

BD103 (112)

Could you possibly link the submissions on these posts? I'd like to see why I got 3rd.:)

TheDrone7 (1654)

@BD103 The ranking system depends on the total scores of all challenges from the month. As you can see on the website, @CodingCactus didn't even do this one, and yet he's 2nd because he got a higher score in the last challenge. That's why I don't link the submissions.

TheDrone7 (1654)

@BD103 As for why you were scored so low, well it's simply because of how the scoring system works. 4 points for completing the challenge and 6 for additional features added to the submission.

k9chelsea2 (768)

I wasnt able to submit mine in time

CodingCactus (4117)

But I didn't even do that one...