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Weekly Challenge #9
TheDrone7 (1034)

Hello again replers! We just finished our second series of weekly challenges and at the end of a month, @Lord_Poseidon who was ranked 1st received 1 month of free hacker plan.

Today, we'll be starting another series of the weekly challenges and again, at the end of the month, whoever has the highest score, gets 1 month of free hacker plan!

That's it for the recap, moving forward, this week's challenge is given below!


Since I already declared, this month's weekly challenges are specially for web designers/developers, for this challenge, you would be required to create an art gallery.

NOTE : This does not have to be a working one, just take some random pictures off the internet and display them in a creative way of your own! Although, you can use your own images if you want to, it's just not a requirement.

Focus on functionality or design, it's your choice!

As a minimum requirement, your website should be able to display thumbnails and enlarged pictures (when clicked on its thumbnail). How you do it and what additional features you add are all up to you!


For submitting your codes for this challenge, you need to create a new post on repl talk share board and ensure that the post title contains #WEEKLY in it. The judging will go on throughout the week and as soon as the next post is made, the time window for submitting your code will end.

You can check out the last month's results here.

And that's it! Good luck with this week's weekly challenge and have fun!

DynamicSquid (2611)

can I use google docs?

Coder100 (4007)

yes, but how are you going to make it interactive lol @DynamicSquid

Lord_Poseidon (158)

@CodingCactus The quickest submission in the history of submissions

DynamicSquid (2611)

@Lord_Poseidon faster than a squid swimming away form a shark


screech I need to finish it today


koolz Mine will be sooooo creative ha yes ofc it will no reason to be srcastic lol why would I mine will definetally win oh of course it will… *cri :(

CoolJames1610 (549)

What does
your website should be able to display thumbnails and enlarged pictures (when clicked on its thumbnail) mean
also can i use matplotlib?

TheDrone7 (1034)

@CoolJames1610 it means, your website should display thumbnails on the webpage and show enlarged image when someone clicks on them. Since it is an art gallery, it's all about pictures.


I might join this idk lol

HahaYes (1014)

I think the word HahaYeSSSSsssSS is good enough

CodeLongAndPros (952)

Does this have to be a web app? Can we use other stuff?

TheDrone7 (1034)

@CodeLongAndPros yep, this has to be a webapp/website. But you're not restricted in regards of what you have to use for this.

CodeLongAndPros (952)

@TheDrone7 Ok. No free Hacker for me, then.

TheDrone7 (1034)

@CodeLongAndPros Why not, you have a week! You can even learn and make it!

RohilPatel (802)

Can I use bootstrap if I'm lazy?

TheDrone7 (1034)

@RohilPatel you can use anything, there are no constraints!