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Weekly Repls #10
21natzil (1104)

It's been 10 weeks from when we started this series. Along the way, we've brought to highlight some amazing projects. Now, let's show you what we have this week.

@mat1 created Tic Tac Toe in the terminal. The big difference is, you can click on the spot you want to place your piece! No need to type anything in.

@p3artschool Created a script that draws a really sweet gif!

@EdericOytas created his own esoteric programming language called AHH!

@GrantKeo is back with Battlegrounds: Elemental Edition - the turn based stick fighting game you never knew you needed.

Many of you guys are making discord bots from the challenge, but remember, your other programs are also welcome! With that said, have a great week everyone.

theangryepicbanana (1601)

Dang forgot to make something cool again. Those other things are cool tho