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Weekly Repls #19
21natzil (1128)

I wonder if the following submissions were made by AI... I guess we'll never know. However I see that the AI challenge has begun, and while the weekly repls won't cover posted made for the challenge, I'll be sure to checkout every repl you guys post. With that out of the way, let's check out these posts!

@Vandesm14 Join Vandesm as they test the limits of node.js!

@minermaniac447 Meet Eim, A game that is most defiantly not Uno, doesn't play like Uno, and most definitely isn't as fun as Uno (or is it?)

@jajoosam Impresses us once again, with their program that connects to your Spotify account and returns instrument only versions of your playlists!

@rshetty Amazes us with this online pokemon game, interact and social with your friends in this game!

@tristanbeedell Add colors to your program, and this repl shows off all the colors you can use!

@SPQR Thanks :D

That's all. Remember, submit your repls for the AI challenge, but don't forget to share your other, sweet projects!

rshetty (85)

My test cases tell me I should say I'm totally not an AI.