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Weekly Repls #20
21natzil (680)

Wow, we've reached the 20th week, and seen so many wonderful repls. In that time we've had a variety of projects, challenges, and code jams to go along with it. Let's celbrate this week by showing off some repls that were posted!

@Geocube101 Shares a very unique game with us. Imagine the scene in "Indiana Jones" where there's a boulder rolling towards him, but as a game

@Scoder12 Shared us a great tutorial / projects that highlights how to make multiplayer games with web sockets!

@Hacker22 Is trying to make a program that identifies trash, recyclables and compost, but needs the repl.it community for examples!

@danielk Created a dangerous repl, not for the faint of ram. Run this repl IF YOU DARE

That's all this week. Don't forget to share what you're working on, along side your AIs! Cya!

danielk (43)

Thanks for mentioning me! I really didn't think it was that good, just a small joke I had with some friends, but it turned out to be really neat and useful for annoying your ex or whoever. Pretty simple stuff, but thanks again!