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Weekly Repls #27
21natzil (1075)

Helloooo jammers! How is everyone doing? I hope you're all having fun messing around with all the new graphical languages are just came to repl.it. I can't wait to see what games you guys make for the challenge. Remember, just like weekly repls in the past, I will not be sharing repls from challenge. So make sure to share some other things you're working on it be showcased here! With that out of the way, let's see who made some awesome repls.

@GarethDwyer1 Published this truely indepth tutorial, on how to scrape websites that use rss, and returning cloudwords from it! I highly recommend you check it out!

@christianbm1 Play a fun, 1 player game of battleship. How long will it take you to eliminate the targets?

@PushprajNaik Created a wonderful way to scrape song names off amazon music!

@Russell23 Brings the excitement of DVDs hitting the bottom right corner to you browser, showing off a great use of pygame!

That's all folks. See ya next week!