Weekly Repls #34
21natzil (1141)

Welcome back repl.it-ers. Actually, I have a received a request that we should be called replitears. I really like that name, so from now on I hereby declare that repl.it users are called replitears! Now it's time for the repls, replitears.

@niorg2606 Creates a site that allows you to add some pizzaz to your own repl.it websites!

@A5rocks Compilers, can be tricky, thankfully repl.it compiles it for you. However if you ever wanted to change your compiling settings, checkout this tutorial.

@FellowHashbrown Creates a great tutorial, explaining how to create the Quine-McCluskey Algorithm in python!

@bossotron13 Creates a great reaction time calculator, that stores the results for a leaderboard!

Thats all replitears, have a great week! (Also, happy mothers day, even if I'm a bit late)

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