Weekly Repls #35
21natzil (1075)

Welcome back everyone! I hope everyone is having a great day! For those in the U.S, happy memorial day. My calendar says it's also Spring Bank Holiday in the UK, so maybe someone can tell me in the comments what that's about. However you guys came here for the awesome repls of this week, so let's show them!

@uint9000_t Makes a web app to help you make some super sweet graphs!

@programmyBoi Created their own OS, that includes quite a few things!

@Eyseedoubleyou Have a really long conversation, with this very chatty program!

@HENRYMARTIN4 Play a minecraft-like game, inside your browser!

@jajoosam SPOngebobifY AlL Your TEXT USiNG THIS weB ApP!

@HarperframeInc Made their own terminal client, send messages to your friends using the program! A very nice client aswell.

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Eyseedoubleyou (22)

Spring bank holiday is basically a day where some people have a day off work and get free time. It is the first day of school pupils half term. It’s wuite fun and you can get social time :)