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Weekly Results - September 2020
TheDrone7 (1654)

Weekly Result - September 2020

Good morning/evening replers! Hope you're all still doing good. 4 weeks ago, we started the 5th batch of weekly challenges - A series of beginner friendly coding challenges for everyone to solve! Given below are links to each of the past 4 weekly challenges.

Weekly challenge 17 : Fibonacci numbers

Weekly challenge 18 : World Order

Weekly challenge 19 : Prime Fibonacci

Weekly challenge 20 : Distinct Multiplication Tables

NOTE : The max score is 40.


RANK 1 : @HarperframeInc

@HarperframeInc took a unique approach to every weekly challenge and then loaded all of them with extra features earning a total score of 37.

RANK 2 : @fuzzyastrocat

@fuzzyastrocat took the fun approach to every challenge, they used esoteric languages made fun to use UIs, etc. They earned a total score of 33.

RANK 3 : @adl212

@adl212 performed consistently making simple UIs and finishing the task just right, thus making their total score 32.

As for their prize, @HarperframeInc has been given the 1 month of free hacker plan. And for everyone else, you can check out your own scores at this website.

Some of you (mostly who used "sets") might be wondering why you received a 0 in your weekly challenges. It is because the challenge required you to generate the table first and then use the table to count the number of distinct values in them. A table could be of any format, an array a 2D array, a CSV file whatever but directly calculating the number of distinct values while generating the table or without using the table was not allowed.

The next challenge will be announced on Saturday!

Any constructive feedback on how to make these more fun is appreciated via the comments section!

Thank you for being here and have a good day/night!

Bookie0 (5669)

Also when is the next monthly repls? I'm excited to see it!

Any constructive feedback on how to make these more fun is appreciated via the comments section!

Maybe when you announce the winners, you can include a link their post so we get to see what they did, instead of manually having to find it.. ;)

FlaminHotValdez (371)

A few suggestions: No graphics plz! This makes it so that every language not just the ones that support graphics, can be used. Maybe stuff like the fibonacci prime or the fibonacci with no loop/recursion, something that actually makes you think instead of implementing something like a password vault.

HarperframeInc (439)

Yay :P
I think everyone did really well with this challenge.

Any constructive feedback on how to make these more fun is appreciated via the comments section!

I've always wanted to try to make GUI applications but never had the time, maybe do something like this for weekly?

Pls no math

wh0 (7)

what went wrong with so many of the weekly 20 submissions?

wh0 (7)

@TheDrone7 Thanks for posting that.

Any constructive feedback on how to make these more fun is appreciated via the comments section!

I tried out doing these "coding challenges" for a while. A lot of the scoring turned out to be really not to my taste.

The weekly coding challenge turns out to be more of a party game like Mario Kart with blue shells. Following a relatively dry prompt, there will be an unpredictable criteria used in scoring. One week it'll dedicate 30% to UI. Another week they'll pick some random point in the verbal description and allocate 100% of the score to whether the two items around that point really happen in sequence.

If you know what the weekly challenge program is, and you like it, then great. If Repl wants to give out hacker plans in a somewhat randomized way, then great. If an organizer has the energy to come up with these challenges and the surprise twist each week, then great. The format may be fun in its own right.

The problem is it's not well presented under its current moniker an introduction, "A series of beginner friendly coding challenges for everyone to solve!" I just feel silly for having tried this with the wrong expectations.

fuzzyastrocat (1505)

Wait a minute, since when was I a content creator? Lol yay

HahaYes (1901)

@fuzzyastrocat lol content creator coolio thats rare

fuzzyastrocat (1505)

@HahaYes lol I don't know how I even got it, it just magically appeared

HahaYes (1901)

@fuzzyastrocat I dunno if pinging amasad is the best option... maybe? maybe not?

TheDrone7 (1654)

@fuzzyastrocat It was given to you by me. You've posted some posts on repl talk that I found really interesting and refreshing which is why you were given the role.

fuzzyastrocat (1505)

@TheDrone7 Oh, thanks! There will (hopefully) be some more of those posts coming soon!

potatojs (822)

i think i'm gonna try my luck in the next one.. :)

Any constructive feedback on how to make these more fun is appreciated via the comments section! ok


  • no math plz! or choose a fun concept, like a visualisation of a 2D math function or something..
  • something more complex idk but i feel that some of the weekly challenges (not including the math) are to ez
  • hmmm by the way i'm gonna win :P
Bookie0 (5669)

are to ez

lol havn't seen you win lol @potatojs

potatojs (822)

i haven't participate...
and the calculator one... dfsdgdsjfnsdsdfdsh

fuzzyastrocat (1505)


no math plz! or choose a fun concept, like a visualisation of a 2D math function


fuzzyastrocat (1505)

@potatojs You say "no math plz!", but then you say a "fun concept" would be a visualization of a 2D math function.

potatojs (822)

@fuzzyastrocat lmao no BORING math like euler numbers or table something :)
i mean by a fun concept something we use like trigonometry, functions, perlin noise, 3D,...

fuzzyastrocat (1505)

@potatojs I agree that multiplication tables was not the most interesting. But how is the Euler number not interesting?

I think the problem with "fun concept" is that it means different things for different people. To me, none of the things you listed there are "fun" for a coding challenge — I'd rather do a challenge about making a symbolic differentiator or an automated Lagrange multiplier solver. But obviously these things might not be "fun" to others.

potatojs (822)

@fuzzyastrocat i mean something visual, something we can create interesting programs with, something well pule our creativity! idk if you use euler number in something but i certainnelly don't :)
i use trigonometry to calculate the new position of a bullet in a 2D shooter game and probably in every game i made
i use 3D because it's dope
i use perlin noise uselly not in something very practical but you can do some very creative things with it
and the list goes on ... form simple as a vector to complicated as (id have a good example here lmao)

fuzzyastrocat (1505)

@potatojs I use e all the time. OK, I like math, but still... I use it in not-pure-mathy things too.

Trig is nice, I don't find it very creative though. To me it's just about knowing the right relationships and plugging things in, it's not really a creative system as much as it is a tool.

3D is nice, but I don't consider the broad topic of "3D" as math unless you mean something more specific.

Perlin noise could be interesting, though (like trigonometry) I think of it more as just a tool to do things with (rather than something that a project would be focused on).

Also, something doesn't have to be visual to be cool (in my opinion). You could do a challenge based on very theoretical mathy stuff and it would still be really cool (if you did it right). But I agree that creativity is a big part of a good challenge.

potatojs (822)

@fuzzyastrocat hmmm i get u know :)
i love all kinda of visual stuff and graphics that's the reason i stated programming the first place! the python turtle module <3
so yeah

fuzzyastrocat (1505)

@potatojs Hm ok, graphics has never been my main motivation (it wasn't the reason I started coding), though I have done quite a bit of it now.

(I've never really liked Python's turtle since I think it teaches graphics totally differently from how "real" graphics works. But I can understand nostalgia for something you started with :D )

potatojs (822)

@fuzzyastrocat lmao i didn't say i like it or something now, because it is garbage compared to p5.js or smething :)

EpicGamer007 (1540)

Good job everyone!

Yes like cow said, no more math ones pleaseeee

CoolJames1610 (665)

Why wasn't mine scored at all?

adl212 (159)

Yay, third place!

fuzzyastrocat (1505)

Yay, I managed to pull into second! (These are fun, I like the math challenges!)

k9chelsea2 (768)

Please I beg you, next batch of weeklies do not include maths in them I beg