What do YOU think of repl.it's new homepage?
21natzil (1078)

In the past, when you visited repl.it and were logged in, you'd be redirected to your repls. While this was efficient, there was room to do so much more. So, recently the repl.it now redirects to repl.it/~, which greets repl.it members with the same options to make and open recently viewed repls like before, along with new features such as tutorials, and top Repl Talk posts!

This is a huge change, but what do you guys think? Are you satisfied with the layout? Do you want more, or maybe less? Comment, and let us know your thoughts!

P.S. ~ on linux is commonly used to identify the home directory

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nxd13 (0)

I started using repl.it last week since I am teaching an intro to python module in my class. Last week, I was able to create new python files and run them with no issue. Your new interface seems to require projects and only allows for a main.py. It will not allow me to add any new files. Is there something that I am missing? Is there some setup that I need to follow first?