What even IS a Developer Spotlight?
katyadee (1214)

This week, we’re taking a break from our regularly scheduled programming to talk a little bit about what Developer Spotlights are and why we do them.

Developer Spotlights started back in April as our way to highlight the winners of our Game Jam. We wanted to dig into who the winners were, what technology stacks they were working with, and how they got started with coding.

But then we thought, know what, why stop with Game Jam winners? One of the things that makes Repl.it so special is our community of coders. They come together from all different backgrounds and skill levels and are generating amazing work...perhaps more so than any other active coding community out there right now.

And thus, the Developer Spotlight was born. Each week, we think about who our users are, what they’re creating, and the context in which they’re creating them. Sometimes we’ll find folks on social media, other times they’re people we’ve noticed on Talk or Discord. Or maybe there’s a cool repl that’s generated a lot of traffic, and we’re dying to know who’s behind it.

We always have our eyes peeled for interesting people in our community... Let's talk about them here!

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Zavexeon (1041)

Notice me!

Anyhow, thanks for the clarification on what a Dev. Spotlight is, Katya.

katyadee (1214)

@Zavexeon I'll add ya to a list...

katyadee (1214)

@Zavexeon Show me your best repls and quite possibly

Zavexeon (1041)

@katyadee Well I guess it's time to make some good stuff.... (Been a while since I've programmed anything cool... working on a dice roller atm).

Oh and there was that name generator that could generate some 10000 random names in like 1 second