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What kinds of keyboard shortcuts would you use on Repl.it?
thesephist2 (7)

Hi everyone! 👋

These days at Repl.it, we're thinking more about how to make the repl, editor, and IDE as productive as we can make it for building real-world apps and experiments. One of the features we're working on is a better keyboard shortcut system.

Today, we've got things like Ctrl+C/V for copy-paste and Ctrl+P for the command palette, but we want to expand it to be able to control things like the terminal / command line, the web view, file tree, and more.

So we want to know, what do you do most often in the repl.it editor that you wish you had a keyboard shortcut for? opening files? starting/stopping the repl?

SPQR (432)

Perhaps the ability to bind your own shortcuts? For example, say I wanted to easily switch between a couple files in my project, it would be nice if I could bind keyboard shortcuts to said files (say, alt+1 for the first file, alt+2 for the second, etc.)

LD1 (17)

CTRL-R for running a program.