#BuiltOnReplit (Edition #45)
21natzil (1078)

Welcome back everyone! I'm sure many of you guys have started school, with many people in colder regions starting shortly. Stay smart, and you guys are going to do great! I have a question for you guys, with school starting, what is your favorite subject? Is it computer science? Orchestra? Biology? I want to know! While you guys are deciding what your favorite subject is, let's take a look at this week's repls!

@CowNationz Demonstrates how to use google translate in python!
@PCL Combines the elegance of python with the syntax of js to create.... japy
@EmmanuelMakana Shares with us how they scrap a website for team information!

That's all for this week, cya next week!

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21natzil (1078)

@Zavexeon That sounds like a ton of fun! Maybe you can use repl.it to control your robots!