PySimpleGUI Adds Support For
amasad (3079)

PySimpleGUI, the simplest cross-platform Python GUI framework just added support for (web in general) and it's the simplest way I've seen UI being done on yet.

It has good autocompletion and it's well-documented. It's especially great for new coders that want to try their hands at coding GUI.

To get started simply import the library, create a window, and give it a layout! Here is a name reading app and repl:

import PySimpleGUIWeb as sg

window = sg.Window('hello world').Layout([
  [sg.Text('hello world')],
  [sg.InputText('enter name')],
  [sg.Submit(), sg.Cancel()]

[button, [name]] = window.Read()

if button == 'Submit':
  print('Hello ' + name)

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PySimpleGUI (16)

@amasad You can try this program
to see the difference in the setting. I was unable to change the behavior now that I've tried again.

The setting to modify is on line 14:

This changes the Remi multiple_instance setting which someone suggested as a fix to a problem. I find regardless of the setting, if I open 2 copies, in 2 different browsers, they sync up and show identical things. When one pauses, so does the other.