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katyadee (1228)

Hi everyone!

Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what brought you here... whatever you're comfortable with!

Can't wait to get to know y'all.


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replitcode (116)

Most of you probably know me (some as Lukas others as just replitcode)
For those of you who may not know me, don't want to know me but came across this post for some reason, or those who know me but want a refresher... Below are some common AND uncommon facts and random things about me you may OR may not find interesting (ENJOY! or don't i guess)

  • I started out programming by fiddling with the administrative cmd.exe (command prompt) shell when I was around 8-9 years old!
  • I found Repl.it Through a google search for full python 3.6 IDE online! From then on, I've been a valued (and O.G. some might say, haha) user since a couple months after their launch date in 2016! I LOVE Repl.it, as you can see by my name probably!
  • I have had a passion for programming and entrepreneurship ever since i had the ability to come across (AND participate in) a code jam created by the Python discord channel (which eventually led to my unceasing and sometimes annoying fondness of the Python language (I'm talking to YOU @JSer!!!)!
  • In the following year of 2020-2021, I will be starting my freshman year of college as a undergraduate majoring in Cyber Crime and Forensics while partaking in a SECOND major or which will be Game Design and Development (this is a concrete passion of mine as well!)!
  • I have a 200 (according to Princeton) IQ and have actually made it through to the esteemed Mensa program for people with IQ's similar or above that of the famous Albert Einstein!
  • I have made SO MANY friends by engaging in the community found within the invisible walls of something AMAZING called Repl.it! Some of these friends include but are not limited to: @mat1 @pyelias @katyadee @timmy_i_chen @Vandesm14 @theangryepicbanana @zwack @Mosrod @JSer and many more!

So this is MY message to the MANY youth and beginners in the world of programming and maybe even socializing! Because you can only FAIL if you NEVER TRY!


This is @replitcode telling you to have a GREAT YEAR!!!

Python is still THE BEST LANGUAGE @JSer

Case_Buttitta (41)

@replitcode smh my head flexing your IQ on us

replitcode (116)

@Case_Buttitta I know right! I just thought it was a cool fact you know?

Case_Buttitta (41)

@replitcode Python is indeed the best language

replitcode (116)

@Case_Buttitta Very much so, glad to see some people are okay with admitting their fealty to the supreme language haha... jk, but you are right, it's a great language!

vedprad1 (879)

@replitcode :


katyadee (1228)

@vedprad1 wat wrong wif python :(

vedprad1 (879)

@katyadee : Well...
To make long story short, I code js, and at my school, coding js means you are in the lowest of the lowest class. Python? Exact opposite.
So that is why I have a personal vendetta against python.

rediar (402)

@replitcode "Some of these friends include but are not limited to: .... and many more!"
"included but not limited to"
are you sure you didn't go to law school?

replitcode (116)

@rediar Haha no! I am just a grammar aficionado! I like to be correct and precise with my wordage!

LeoA1 (7)

I think your an amazing person and i envy you you're so cool you're an inspiration to [email protected]