Announcing Basic Language With Graphics (Beta)
amasad (2382)

Hey everyone!

I've been working on a classic BASIC language inspired by Microsoft Atari Basic. It comes with a 50x50 display by default and makes it really easy to draw things and make games. The language is still in Beta and I'll be improving it over the coming weeks. For now here is the documentation and a sample snake game that I found on the internet and modified to make it work here. Please let me know what you think.

If you're curious you can find the source code for the interpreter here ( Feel free to fix bugs and send patches.

[update] Docs moved here:

[update 2] Changelog:

  • You can now use variables with multiple letters
  • LET is optional. You can define variables like so 10 X = 1
  • TEXT lets you draw text on the screen (refer to docs)
  • Display is now automatically focused after the program is run
  • GETCHAR handles long-presses better

[update 3] Changelog:

  • You can now create multidimensional arrays ARRAY a, 2
  • You can now draw an entire grid with one call DRAW
  • Refer back to docs
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eankeen (1206)

looks cool! the documentation links appears to be broken though

eankeen (1206)

@amasad oh oops, for some reason when you said "for now here is the documentation and a sample snake game" i didn't connect that 'here' means the documentation is 'here on this page', thought it should have been a hyperlink

amasad (2382)

@eankeen how nice is it that the whole spec for the language is a single page?