TheDrone7 (1650)

Oh, hey again dear replers! We're organizing yet another competition for you guys to enjoy!

Show off your coding skills and compile it in a 30 seconds long video.

Once you're done making the video, post a tweet with the hashtag #replitcompetition or DM the MailMan bot on our discord or comment your submission down below!

Well, the winner will receive 1 year of hacker plan and the runner-up will receive 6 months worth of hacker plan.

We'll also be compiling a video containing the top 2 and any other good videos that you guys submit (honorable mentions) on our YouTube with shout outs to your own social media accounts!

This ends on Tuesday, 23th June 2020. So get your creative wheels ready and cya around!

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TheDrone7 (1650)

@piemadd nice, could you please send us your social media details via discord or email at [email protected] - only the ones that you'd like to be included in the shout-outs