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🥇repl.run homepage contest 💻
amasad (2551)

We're about to release repl.run to the public and we want something cool to exist at the root.

Right now we have Star Wars ASCII animation. Which is kind of lame (Star Trek FTW!) so I'd like to run a mini contest where the winner repl.run program would get featured at the root and you also get a $50 Amazon Gift Card to sweeten the deal.

I think it should be something fantastic. Go crazy. Make it weird. The only requirement is that it has some explanation of what repl.run is for new users.

Here's a sample copy for what the intro could say:

  • title: repl.run
  • tagline: publish your terminal apps as websites
  • description: up until now there was no way to publish terminal applications on the web. Although terminal apps is what most programmer start their career building (e.g. Hello World) most programs live and die on the coders' machine. repl.run changes this by making it possible to publish an app written in any language that repl.it supports on the web.

Deadline: Friday the 22th

Scoder12 (734)

What would you like it so say as the intro? Do we have to write our own? I don't want to be judged on that

amasad (2551)

@Scoder12 I edited the post to add sample copy in the post.

minermaniac447 (250)

Do we have a deadline on this yet? Or is it just whenever... I'd like to know how much time I have to integrate stuff.

amasad (2551)

@minermaniac447 let's go with next Monday

minermaniac447 (250)

@amasad Next Monday, as in the 18th? Or next Monday, as in the 25th?

amasad (2551)

@minermaniac447 i just put it in the description. Tuesday the 19th

HarperframeInc (346)

@amasad Deadline has already passed

amasad (2551)

@HarperframeInc yes, you're the defacto winner! Email me and I'll send you the prize. I'll also look into using some version of your repl for repl.run, we might do some edits :)

HarperframeInc (346)

@amasad Nice! What is your email?

joshwood (117)

@amasad Do you think there is a maximum number of characters wide that it should be so that it can fit on any screen?

Scoder12 (734)

@joshwood you could check how wide the screen is programmatically and adjust your code for that.

a5rocks (793)

Hey! It would be nice if it showcased several cool repls!

amasad (2551)

@a5rocks feel free to build that

theangryepicbanana (1639)

Star Wars FTW actually. I can do this

SPQR (535)

friday the twenty-twoth

amasad (2551)

Not many submissions so we can extend if you guys are still interested?

PYer (3468)

Oops. I read this late.

masfrost (102)

@PYer If you can spit something out in a day or two let us knwo

We might extend the competition @amasad

PYer (3468)

@masfrost wow i read this comment to late too

Steven_The_GuyT (236)

@PYer lol i also read your comment too late, wait no i didn't i was just browsing :)

amasad (2551)

Do you guys need more time? I extend this until the end of the week.


Im in