katyadee (1214)

The winners are finally here!

In first place... @antonmata's SynthRogue.

In second place, @enchanter's Tone Basic

And in third place, @Anthony_Tonev's Music Box Editor

Thank you so much for your patience everyone and congratulations to our winners! I'll be in touch shortly with instructions on how to claim your prizes.

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ebest (639)

dum dum dum dooo doo yay

Anthony_Tonev (96)

@ebest Thanks for making content for my app. I'm honored and I think I've won a prize partly because of it.

hayaodeh (188)

@Anthony_Tonev I’m so happy for you. Everyone in the community loved what you built 🤗 did you and @ebest collaborate together?

ebest (639)

@hayaodeh Nope I just had fun playing with it and giving suggestions.

Anthony_Tonev (96)

@hayaodeh The app is a digital music editor - Ebest and other talented people created music peaces for it.
At some point I had to add a database (which turned out to be pretty tricky since local files are not saved properly here on repl.it) - during the competition I received lots of contributions - from different users. Also I've created some myself, although my lack of musical talent.
Featured some of the works of Ebest and @vedprad1 in the app itself but there is more in the database - which has enough room since it takes only 430 bites on average to store a single peace.

Content or data is an essential part of this app (and any other app of that kind) - it's the sole purpose of the application. Everything created in it is like "open source" notes that you can "pull" and create something on top of them using the editing tools. Honestly without content - I have no idea how I can show that aspect of it.

This is why I credit the content-creators/users at the bottom of my submission description. They also reported some bugs and gave request for features. I'm very thankful to them for the content they have created with it.

But the actual coding and animating for the app is ONLY done by me.

ebest (639)

@Anthony_Tonev yep
jeez I'm not that talented