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amasad (2285)

Hello everyone! Let's use this thread to get to know each other. Just say hi and a few words about who you are, maybe what are you building or learning with Repl.it.

If you're not comfortable sharing anything then share something fun 😉

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iamwill123 (2)

Hey my name is Will, born and raised in Brooklyn, they call me Wildabeast(bboying days) or just iamwill. Currently work FT as a frontend dev for vzw.com, on my spare time I build out things using javascript frameworks to better my vanilla javascript :)

Some of the projects I currently work on, https://bboy.space (react, redux, firebase), https://sw-blog.xyz (vue2js, redux, firebase), feel free to check out, feedback, they're all a working progress. My personal port: https://iamwill.us ( a few years old, but still gets me through the door :).

Gymnastics/acrobatics is in my blood, coding for me started in middle school, mainly flash, visual basics, and c++, then some machine learning in college but then feel off of it until 5 years ago when I rekindled my love for programming.

I love using repl.it, I use it to test functions and use it as a demo tool, especially es6 stuff, my most recent one is interesting if you're into creating class components, it's very similar to how all these reactive ui frameworks work.

Motto: caffeinate, eat, code, train, sleep, and repeat.

Cool, nice to meet you all!


timmy_i_chen (1066)

@iamwill123 Also started with VB here! Sweet projects as well, thanks for sharing! :D love the little logo animation when hovering over the logo in the top left corner of sw-blog

iamwill123 (2)

@timmy_i_chen Thanks Tim! and yeah VB ! haha so classic