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amasad (1839)

Hello everyone! Let's use this thread to get to know each other. Just say hi and a few words about who you are, maybe what are you building or learning with Repl.it.

If you're not comfortable sharing anything then share something fun 😉

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bsimps3 (5)

Hey all! I'm new to Repl.it and i'm using it mainly as a method for my AP Computer Science A students to upload their coding lab assignments. So far I've enjoyed the feedback capability, and the quick cycling through different students' assignments.

It might also serve as their emergency backup coding capability (we're using a basic IDE installed in the lab and on their laptops).

amasad (1839)

@bsimps3 awesome! Yes, check out the IDE, it's amazing how much people of all ages can do with it (filter this forum by upvotes to see some awesome creations).