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👋✨Introduce yourself 🎉😀
amasad (2544)

Hello everyone! Let's use this thread to get to know each other. Just say hi and a few words about who you are, maybe what are you building or learning with Repl.it.

If you're not comfortable sharing anything then share something fun 😉

skiscratcher (2)

Hi, I'm a person. I got into coding with scratch. I learned HTML5, CSS3, and JS (ES6) next on a Chromebook. I wanted to make an online game, but I couldn't do that on my Chromebook, so I got a Raspberry Pi Zero W. After learning PHP, I decided to try python, then c. Since I had an Arduino lying around, I got a Raspberry Pi 3B to use it in a project, and that's where it is now! I like repl.it because it allows me to quickly run code authentic to how it would run on my computer.

firefish (571)

Hm... @katyadee made another one, is this old and ancient?

JosephSanthosh (1192)

This is more than just ancient, its ... @firefish

Wilke000 (486)

Hello fellow replers! I am @IndyCarter and always open for help!

Wilke000 (486)

I recently change my username from @IndyCarter to @Wilke000 :)

techgeek680 (70)

My name is Nikko W. Naugle and I am a 9-year-old boy who was born Dec. 5 in Guatemala and moved to Orcas in 2016.

I am in third grade at Orcas Island Elementary School where my goals for the year are to practice my writing and become a published author. I’ve eaten a vegan diet my whole life and love computers, reading and writing. Some things that bring me joy are earning awards and helping people in need.

I write because it makes me happy and I love reading because it’s a big part of writing. It also helps me learn about new places and myriad new vocabulary words. One of my favorite authors is Isabel Allende because every few sentences I learn a new word. When I grow up I want to be a successful, published author and a computer programmer. In my spare time, of course, I’ll be reading but who knows…it’s the future.

I also write in our local news paper, The Sounder because I want to see if you like it and to learn more about the amazing people I live with while sharing them with you. I will be posting every month so please let me know if you have any ideas for interesting people or topics. https://www.islandssounder.com

I want to give a big thank you to my teacher and her husband, Jenny and Don Johnston, for organizing my first interview with Jeff Ludwig at The Exchange, and for their educational support of my writing passion. And big thanks to Colleen Smith and The Sounder for accepting me as a contributing writer! And to my parents; they help me organize interviews, edit and support me. I hope you enjoy my interviews and writing. Visit my website with book reviews, interviews, stories, fun ideas and more at http://nikko.mykajabi.com.

DynamicSquid (3622)

I just realized - 255 upvotes, that's like one byte of code!

Jackolanternexe (67)

Hey everybody. I'm an ambitious 12 - year - old with dreams of becoming a coder. Right now I mainly use Python.

techgeek680 (70)

well if you code you are already a coder @Jackolanternexe

ContourRepl (5)

Hey! I'm Geo (online username), I am a young and new developer writing in HTML, CSS, JS and a little bit of Python! I am aiming to learn more languages over the years to come...

WolfGirl08 (0)

Hello everyone, i'm Launa from Florida and California. I have been homeschooled for 6 years and my semester assignment was to spend 2 hours everyday to learn computer processing. I was researching and replacing.it. is the best rated website to learn Python. So, I signed up and this is my very first day. I was interrupted earlier today because I had to go help trim the hooves of 3 miniature ponies,2 mini Donkeys, and 1 Quarter Horse. Therefore, my two hours of work has just started at 9:00 in Cali. I hope that I can get to know everyone and learn a lot about computers over the next couple of months.

loxagydavid (0)

Hello Everyone!
David here just another freak that loves to code.

jessenaomi1 (0)

my name is jesse naomi1 can anyone help me develop a spot the difference pygame

JacobRogers (48)

I am a pythonista and javascript junkie

Keliap (0)

Hello, my name is kelia and I'm new to computer programming and I would like to learn a lot in this community.

Coffire (0)

I'm coffire. I have no much to say about me. I just love learning new things and programming! I hope you've a good day :)

gamerashik (0)

Hey guys!

I just started learning programming java. Wish me luck so that i can learn it fast and also help me to learn java 😀

LordForrester (0)

Hey all I am currently enrolled in Thinkful's Nights and Weekends Engineering boot camp and still have a lot to learn.

SriramSai1 (0)

Hi! I've joined Repl.it primarily to improve my Java. Hoping to work on my rather mediocre HTML5 too:)

PaulWindsor (0)

I dont want to do this step

ValeriaSeptien (0)

Hi, I just joined this community for the sake of my grades, thanks to Dr. Luis Felipe de Jesús Hernández Quintanar.

JoshTCM (0)


About time I at least tried to get a bit of coding knowledge under my belt. It seems like it'd be mighty useful.

vlad84s (0)

Hi myname is Vlad , i am interesting in code and i am new in this.

Xiija (3)

Greets! .. learning bots on Repl.it :P

farazEskandari (0)

Hello, my name is Faraz and i'm a new media artist, i'm trying ti learn python for scripting in Touchdesigner and OpenCV. I will be glad to meet people and share what i've learned.


I am freak and I occasionally do dev sometimes as you can tell by that very large title above. My hobbies include coding, hacking, writing software, software development, computing, and other synonyms for programming. Also I watch probably more YouTube than I should. I will use this website to share my projects and opinions.



AtlasTK (1)

Hi, my name is Claude and I'm a software engineer currently working on a project named Atlas toolkit, hence my username.

The goal of the toolkit is to provide a way as easy as possible to add a simple GUI to programs, in which ever language they are coded. The toolkit is not for skilled developers, but rather for hobbyists. It's for those who want to make programs that benefit from a GUI, but without having to bother with frameworks way too complicated for what they want to do.

I'm currently focusing on Python, but I plan to provide the toolkit for as much languages as possible, and I'm glad that I've found Repl.it, so people can test the toolkit without having to install a development environment.

Repl.it is almost perfect, except that my repls have to be forked in order to work properly. Probably because of the way my toolkit works. It's a little annoying, and if you have an idea how to avoid this…

Thanks for reading!

ProgrammerAI (10)

How can i find and use an empty port in repl? I am making a java server.
here is the link

amasad (2544)

@ProgrammerAI you should be able to use any port. Or a random port with 0

ProgrammerAI (10)

@amasad When i run this program, it now says "operation not permitted". why?

an13 (8)

I am a new pythoner


Im a teenager that looks at lua in a different way.

I also code on python, c# and c++, i tried coding in BrainF*ck but i finished with errors in my face (Clearly)

I like testing things and i am not such a genius. I have a website in google Sites where i share games from repl.it to people play. I'm from spain and the only coder in my house, town, high school.

I always code in lua, but sometimes i do other things.

My best project was the sieve of erastothenes in Python.

And vortex coding is my 'Company' (not really. is my Coding group of high school where i teach my friends LUA and python :P )

Alejandrocardo1 (0)

Hi , I'm from Colombia .I work as a web developer, I use languages ​​like php (laravel), javascript, vue 2. This page has caught my attention but it would be good if they did tutorials for each of the languages. I aspire to share projects promptly