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katyadee (1249)

Hi everyone!

Use this space to share anything you want to share with our community - your name, where you're from, what you program in, what brought you here... whatever you're comfortable with!

Can't wait to get to know y'all.


CodeBloodedYT (0)


I go by Code-Blooded. My interests include:

  • coding
  • exercising
  • not getting enough sleep
  • coding (again).


Mikeliterus (4)

hey hungry im dad, nool cigga

HeeWonKim (0)

how do you make music



Paultheriault (14)

Howdy! My name's Paul and I'm checking in from southern Arizona. Are there any other students starting a course at Lambda in the coming weeks? I could really use a homework buddy if anyone is interested.

katyadee (1249)

@Paultheriault That's awesome. What track are you doing at Lambda?

CPPStudent7308 (8)

Hi, I'm Kai and I've only had a couple of years' experience with coding. My favorite is C++, although I know some Python and a version of Javascript. I just love the simplicity and functionality of C++. If you would like to know where I'm from, I was born in Landsthul, Germany, and moved to Virginia, then Kansas, was nearly killed by a tornado, and finally came to Sierra Vista, AZ in 2007 or 2008 I can't remember.

katyadee (1249)

@CPPStudent7308 That's an incredibly intense story!

Lolanator365 (12)

hi i am lolanator365 or 3665 my real name is callum. i'm 15 and i do computer science at school and i code in python and javascript
i like roblox and making youtube videos

Bookie0 (5009)

My name is Clément. I know how to do some code (simple while loops, if/elif/else, random...) but I’m not a pro. I posted 2 programs so please comment and give a advice.

Thanks, and have a good day!

Bookie0 (5009)

Hi! Please see my programs I posted and feel free to give feedback or advice

Thanks, and have a good day!
By the way I write Python

ebest (654)

Hi! I'm Ebest (is that what you call a pseudonym?) (long eeeee, or say e and then best)! I've been here for a while but I forgot to post something on this. I'm 12 as of now, and I came on here when I searched for "Online Python Ide". I should be doing my homework right now. It's due tomorrow. Anyways, I've been coding on here for a while and I've been coding in Python for a long time already.

A few reason why I like this great site:

  1. Extremely active people. Once, I posted a post, and within 10 seconds (really) someone responded.

  2. Games. Games! There's a lot of games on here (A LOT) and since the teachers know I'm using this for my school projects, they can't block it (LOL poor teachers, their projects have backfired).

  3. The coding itself. The IDE is really good here and I use it for a lot of things, like projects.

Overall, this is the best coding platform I have seen before. I bet it's probably better then most of the paid ones, too.

NOTE: Can someone make a fast discord proxy? I can't access it but I want to be able to become a moderator anyways.

TristanMisja (36)


My name is Tristan, I'm 10 and I live in Washington!
I like coding in Python, HTML, BASIC, and C++, but my favorite is Python.
I'm here because I use ChromeOS, so I can't download Eclipse or Microsoft Virtual Studios, so I was searching all over the web for an online IDE, and then BAM repl.it is the 3rd result! I made an account, and got coding!
I'm mostly self taught, but every once in a while I use a book or website as a reference.

Grify (166)

Hi Guys! I'm Grify, a 14-year-old designer and developer in Silicon Valley, right near Replit HQ! I use Replit for learning new languages, practicing them, and for messing around with computer language, as well as for some interesting (sometimes controversial) projects (For the brave, see http://www.grifypack.ga, a comically bad website for a matching in quality minecraft 'textur' (sic) pack, http://www.countdownfreedom.cf, a trump countdown made with Sean)

So yeah you'll probably all be seeing me around these forums and on the Replit Discord as @grify#3855 if you need help with a web page or python program, I can always try to help :D

humbertogomes (0)

salutations , im a braziliam student learning how to be an engenieer.
I like coding in python and c++ and curently learning PhP.
i recently got into this plataform for a php workshop i was lecturing in a class, i really like it here , kinda ... comfy.

ryanhcode (87)

I know I’m really late to this thread as I have been using repl.it for quite a while now, but some of you still might not know me. I’m RyanHCode, or just Ryan Code. I enjoy coding in almost every language supported on repl.it, and am proficient in most. I really enjoy the community that has been growing around this wonderful online IDE and would love to see where it goes!

Axolotl1 (12)

hi... im axolotl1... Axolot? and i program python...
I recently got a thing to code python directly...
like, the thing from the offical website and pycharm...

9Mukul9 (0)

Hey ,
I'm Mukul, from India. I'm a sophomore year student pursuing InfoTech. I kinda know C, Java, and stepped foot into Python3 recently. Hope to earn a lot of knowledge here with you guys and probably make some friends and mentors who can help me get through :)
It'd be a pleasure knowing you guys at coding level as well as at a personal level :)

Thanks Katya, for organizing this :)

OneOfTheParkers (0)

I'm Fork, or Emily For an actual name.
I joined this program for school, And I am currently Enjoying it Very Much!
I hope to meet lots of talented people on this website :)
I'm not very good at this yet, But Here's my Website <3


Hello! Im very new to repl (jk). To start off, I would like to say I really love this! Its so easy and productive. The repl staff members (discord members) are so ever great. Also the replit team, are very kind hearted people! I just really love this!

add me on discord: [Clout] ◌Freak1337◌#6109

PanasheTapera (0)

Hi guys, i'm Panashe, from Zimbabwe. I'm a rookie developer, who started off as Growth Hacker for a Bitcoin Exchange. Hoping to learn more, looking for groups or people to learn with.


Panashe T

kdrive (0)

Hi. My name is Ken. I used to work in software development.

I have been using repl.it to do various HTML/CSS/JavaScript code projects, and also to learn Python3. I really don't know how I found it. I was probably just searching for a place where I could code online.

Since I don't own a computer right now, and am dependent upon the local library's computers, I can't install Python3 anywhere. If the computers don't have something installed, I have to use portable apps or whatever I can find online...like this website. So, having repl.it has been really great because I can run Python3 here and learn. I tried the PythonAnywhere website. It is good, too. But, this website is quicker and easier to use to just run some Py3 code.

Over the past couple of years I have been running through a lot of Lynda.com / LinkedIn Learning video courses. They are really good. I definitely recommend them. They have really good instructors who work in the industry. And, they try to keep up to date with what they are teaching. The Python courses there were very helpful. I can also recommend their CSS Flexbox/Grid/Responsive Web Design courses. They are teaching the current concepts with good teachers and good hands-on examples. I would also like to REALLY recommend the Regular Expression course at Lynda.com. RegExp was something I just couldn't get a grasp on until I took that course. The step by step examples are fantastic. It is a bit long; but, it covers a lot. And, even if you won't use everything explained there, you will understand a lot more.

KoladeAdemola (0)

Hello I’m Ademola by name,,, I’m new to programming I wanna know which programming is best to learn as a beginner

ApoorvSingal (78)

Hi, I am Apoorv from India, 15 years old.

I love javascript and hate python (a lot).
I code for fun only. I am not new to repl.it, but I have been very less active. Now I have deleted all my previous repls for a new fresh start.

My favourite anime is Naruto and favourite character is Kakashi Hatake.
And if you are wondering why I wrote this line then the answer is, I want everyone to know who Kakashi is.

I was also wondering if someone could suggest me some resources on web for learning pentesting. I tried searching myself but its all python everywhere and, as I said, I HATE python.

26325001 (19)

I am random string of numbers. I remember when I could do python, but now I am pretty much just doing web development right now.

I like Bash and Linux!

EmmaZielinski (0)

Hello fellow citizens from thy planet Urectum. I forgot how to read and I don't speak American, so I will come back to you when I learn. Please forgive me for I am good at eating children. On my home planet, it is one of the most popular sports out there. There is a professional league and we compete almost every day that ends in y. (Wednesday). Please take eating small children into consideration. Thank You.

heytulsiprasad (0)

Hi everyone! Nice to meet you'll. Call me Starga.

blbbrayan (41)

Hi, I'm Brayan.

I'm a Javascript developer and I thought the idea 'online ide' and found this site one day at work. I used to work on projects in my free time at work on repl. Now I have quite a few that I work on daily. My favorite part is logging in from a library or a cafe or my dad's computer. The device is irrelevant, no downloads necessary, always ready to dive back into the code!

zleap (4)

I am running a code club and also running a tech jam in Devon Uk. I am interested in promoting computer science and supporting those who are self learning, so platforms such as this are great.