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{{ template_jam }} results!
AllAwesome497 (372)

{{ template_jam }} Results

There was a total of 133 templates submitted in the {{ template_jam }}, thanks to everyone that participated. For the many templates that didn't quite make the cut, thanks for participating, and we hope you participate next time.

What did we judge on?

Before we get into the results, lets discuss why we chose who we chose.

We judged based off of:

  • Execution: How well its done
  • Presentation: How it's presented
  • Usability: Is this something you could see someone actually using
  • Creativity: How creative it is (Usability > creativity)

Who won?

In first place... @Lilykhan with her amazing portfolio template.

A basic idea, but executed very well. I could see people using this, and as its pure html/css/js, anyone can implement it regardless of which language they primarily use.

The design was amazing, and I believe the community agrees when we say that this was the best template.

I'm not one for personal sites, but should I ever come across someone who wants to start on their own portfolio site, I'll point them here.

In second place... @Scoder12 with his aiohttp api template.

We liked it because of its simple explanation, and practicality. Great for apis, in fact I'd go as far as to say its probably one of the best ways to make one in python. Personally, I might use the template If I ever make an api in python.

And last but not least... @almostStatic with their handy Node.js discord bot template.

What we liked about it was its practicality and usability, while still being very easy to use. I've been developing discord bots for over a year, with over 20 discord bots and If I ever make a nodejs bot I'd use this template. It's very easy to understand, and easy to build on.

Aside from the winners, we also added 16 other templates:

If you had your template added, please send an image for the preview on the templates page, on discord or with a comment.

If your template didn't get accepted feel free to ask why, and then post again once you improve it.

Oh, and I used the Pug and Markdown Template to preview this while I was making the post :).

A fork of the winning template is attached below.

TheDrone7 (1520)


AdCharity (1345)

@TheDrone7 not fair you get to vote on locked boards

IreTheKID (373)

This is my image. It's a pixel art thing I did in a few minutes; thought it looked pretty cool.

IreTheKID (373)


Here are some more sizes if that doesn't work; it's pretty small.

RossJames (305)

WOOOO!!!! GO @almostStatic!!! MY BUDDY GO FOR IT!!!!

sugarfi (602)

should i send the image here or on discord?

AdCharity (1345)


DynamicSquid (4532)

@AdCharity congrtyafsdgukvjbru ksvygb kwjfrs! 🎉

CodeKing936 (0)

i have a question... on the discord bot tutorial im confused on how you get it into the server?

Leroy01010 (397)

is that what 'templates' was for?!?!

TheForArkLD (743)

sad deflang can’t go template .-.

lynnlo (45)

Ey, I got in there. Kudos to the winners for making such wonderful repls.

lynnlo (45)

Here's my preview for the chat template. Not sure if it fits the format, in case it doesn't please let me know.

PowerCoder (712)

You said:

I still don't have the content creator role though. Even though my template was approved.

lynnlo (45)

@PowerCoder Did you send them an image of the preview? You might need to do that.

AmazingMech2418 (984)

Congratulations to everyone! Great job!

Though, I would like to ask why none of my templates made it into the "templates" list. My templates were the programming language template, ultimate web template, Adapt virtual assistant template (with natural language processing based on my programming language template (Adapt Interpreter)), and OS simulator with a saving file system template.

PYer (3572)

oh well, i knew the Portfolio Template would get 1st

sojs (260)

Why was my template (simple rpg template) not on the list?

PDanielY (1256)

Why didn't my templates get approved?

ApoorvSingal (78)

Why isn't my template (repldb) in the list?

AllAwesome497 (372)

@ApoorvSingal despite us liking your post, it wasn't really a template. However, we'd love to see a template for using repldb, in fact that's in our judge notes.

Lost0Soul (101)

I didnt participate not am i gonna use em. But CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Lord_Poseidon (164)

I'm surprised @ApoorvSingal's replDB is not in the list. What happened?

Lord_Poseidon (164)

Here's the image for the discordgo template

Lord_Poseidon (164)

Dog not part of the bot, Thank you.

PowerCoder (712)

Are the 16 other templates in order? Also, great job to every one! 😀😁

IreTheKID (373)

Hooray!!! Great job to everyone! 👏👏🎉🎉

rediar (414)

My bottle template was added! Yay! Congrats to the winners! Edit: when are the templates going to be added?

AllAwesome497 (372)

@rediar I need images for the templates. Feel free to dm me on discord or comment here.
I need a preview image and a hover image.
(hover could be animated but preview shoulnt be)
I can also just go with a preview

ayuubOmer (9)

Why my template was not added? Not even in the templates list!

AllAwesome497 (372)

@ayuubOmer its more of a language than a template, we want templates like:
"Fully functional api in Imba"
or something.

Sadly though, we don't have imba support yet, although if you want to create a pull request at https://github.com/replit/polygott/ feel free to.

RohilPatel (1459)

I would like to ask why my template didn't get accepted :(

RohilPatel (1459)

It was the google sign in template. @AllAwesome497


who needs ro make a how to make a template tutorial?