Code Jam Results!
21natzil (1162) code jam (Make an OS)

Now disclaimer, our participants did not make an operating system such as Windows, OS X, or some linux distribution. They had 48 hours to develop an "OS" that had a login, a file system, and could run some programming language. The submissions were great, and I enjoyed scouring every last one of them. Everyone made something super unique and I'm exited to share them with you.

Let's backup. What is a code jam?

A code jam is an event that occurs on the discord guild. Members from all ethnicities and ages come to build a project around some theme. The theme is announced the day it starts, this time it was Build an OS. However you can't just make whatever you want. While that would be super fun, each submission is graded by a moderator, and it would be hard to compare one OS that sends jokes and another that's serious. The requirements are as follows.

  • FILE SYSTEM: Every OS must have some way to create directories and files, and be able to navigate between them.
  • CODING: Every OS must have some way to not only write code to a file, but also run code from a file.
  • LOGIN: Every OS must be able to login to an account.

In addition, there were fields that weren't required, however a good OS will have them.

  • INTERFACE: The interface is how nice the OS displays information and takes in input.
  • EOO: EOO stands for Ease of Operation. This grades how easy an OS is to use.
  • DOCS: Documentation is very important, I'm not a mind reader, so it's almost essential an OS has this.
  • EXTRAS: Anything else that the OS has, like being able to read stuff from google, would give people a point.

All of the listed categories can be scored up to 5, so a submission could have a total of 35 points max. You can view the 0-5 grades as Didn't include, Exists, Functional, Good, Nice!, Perfect! This year people built their projects by themselves, however we've done team jams before.

Now let's get into the top 5!

  • (5) We have ( @JosephGrace / discord: @Tunnelbridge#8408) with WTOS. The only one out of the top 5 submission to use C++, and created an OS that was very easy to use! They had a great file system, however I just wish more effort was put into the interface.
  • (4) We have ( @Harmeet_SinghSi /discord: ♓S#1624) with DRONE. A wonderful example of an OS in the web browser. They did a fantastic job with running and writing to files. And the file system was super awesome. Unforchanetly, after tackling such a huge project, bugs were bound to happen. And they really took a toll on major parts of the OS.
  • (3) We have ( @ThatSmart / discord: JackFly26#8835) with JackUX. This OS was easy to use, with no glaring issues. Especially things like the file system, login, and docs. Could have made their own editor, however the one they had was more than functional. Also, uses polygott, so if you don't know what that is, check it out this submission!
  • (2) We have ( @FelixMattick/ discord: archmaster#6356) with Sys.X. This submission is just amazing, and really highlights the talented people is proud to host! They had both a website, and a terminal version for their OS. Multiple programming languages you could choose to use, the main being JS. Wonderful interface, with great colors. They had a whole selection of extra features, the only critique would be to work on making it easier to operate.
  • (1) Last, but not least, we have ( @pyelias/ discord: elias#7990) with BomOS. It was close, but elias, a previous jam winner, just came through with an OS that's chock full of content. With colors to identify files from directories, custom programming languages, did I mention the all the commands, were written in the custom programming language! It was very impressive, and I highly suggest people check it out.

What's next?

I enjoyed the theme, and I picked it because I saw an influx in people making operating systems in Repl Talk. Who knows what the next theme will be 😊. People were asking if they could work with partners this time, so we might try that again. The moderators will also work harder to create a better grading system, because if you were in previous jams, you may have noticed that this year's grading is quite different. We're trying new things, so we can optimize your fun! Having the public vote for projects was also suggested, however we've found a few issues with that. The first problem being that we can't ensure people are graded fairly, we don't want this to become a popularity content. The second reason being cheating. People can create alternative accounts, and have those accounts vote for them. It's possible we try this out in the future however, we're open to all suggestions. If you have any suggestions, you can contact me on the discord (@Zwack010#0001).

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