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Guide to Asking Coding Questions
Guide to Asking Coding Questions Why? Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your question Bad question
katyadee (1118)
⛈Brainstorm ⛈What should we code?
The last time I had one of these threads, we got a lot of cool answers. So... let's kick this off again! What should we code? What should I, Katya, co
AzureScripts (148)
To those who saw my multiplayer challenge, please stop
My notifications have been absolutely destroyed now because of a challenge i did... Yeah.... it's a mess
Zach0 (19)
Somebody by the name ANM has been going around and signing into other peoples account. He keeps posting spam on the ask board and is flooding poeple w
EniolaOyewole (3)
I haven't been on for some years but I like what you did with the website!
benstedadam (1)
can you guys upgrade pip
its returning an error saying pip is outdated. can you guys update it.
AzureScripts (148)
The Multiplayer Repl Challenge
LANGUAGE: PYTHON Howdy gang! I am making a new challenge which requires users of repl to work together without even working together before. Your g
EthanCulp (3)
Project Ideas
Hey, I have no idea what to make with PyGame, I love making graphical games so if you have any ideas, please share them, I would love it.
etian (1)
How To
how do you make it so that it would stop running after they get the password correct ?
Bobo48 (2)
I need help with a script that doesn't seem to work!
I am making a gambling script in Python and it seems to always throw out the same answer, thank you for help. The coin flip script seems to work but t
AppliDev (82) Desktop 😯
Hello, replers I was just wondering if any of you are interested in a desktop app. I know they were working on one but I think they stopped th
BFDMod (1)
How to return to another line of code in c++
I am programming in c++ and making a food ordering app, first it shows the menu, then you pick something, then I want the program to to return to the
etian (1)
How To
how do i make it pause so that I'm able to let the user actually see the countdown??
hansen033 (2)
Can you fork a repl when you're in other person's multiplayer?
I can't find a edit(pen) button beside the repl name when i'm in other person's multiplayer, so i can't fork a repl. I ask my friend to cancel my perm
lihchang (2)
C++ course to recommend?
Looking for an introductory C++ course for a student who wants to learn on their own starting from input/output through functions and arrays. Does not
SanjayPatel (0)
What is undefined
I am getting 'Undefined' error, What is not defined in my code? Please help
Vandesm14 (523)
Looking for Web Developers for an app
If anyone would be interested in working with me in creating a Sci-Fi Interface system (game/simulator), please email me at [email protected] or rep
ecarroll42 (2)
can't figure out line 27 and on
I'm doing a project for my computer science class and im just lost at this point. Please help in anyway possible and maybe explain how you did it if p
studentTylerTy1 (4)
I would like help in java
I plan to recreate Minecraft completely with better caves. if anyone with qualified information could help me out instead on little kids making fun of
TenIon (0)
So How do I download this
How do I download this How do I download this How do I download this How do I download this How do I download this How do I download this How do I dow
crosser (5)
Feature reqest: allow anonymous access to shared repl
When I share a repl with somebody, they are required to log in to access it. There are use cases when it is undesired. An obvious example is a job in
JaydonGaal (0)
How would I check if a number is 1 and say "Foot" without a bunch of if statements?
I have a program that takes inches and converts them to feet. How would I check if the inches or feet is 1 and would say foot instead of feet (or inch
Highwayman (15)
Bored as f
Someone give me a thing to code in c++ please? Just something random.
Elizabeth_Mason (5)
Python Question
My computer science teacher wants me to put this phrase in one line of code. But I have no idea what to do. I have tried every possible way I could th
amasad (1374)
Interested in AmAs? 💬
Fellow esteemed replers 🧐, Would you be interested if we did Ask me Anything with famous founders, CEOs, and developers? If so upvote and comment w
TheDrone7 (550)
C++ Classes vs Structs
In C++, which would you use between classes and Structs? When and why? EDIT: This question is not my doubt of when to use classes or Structs, its a s
KaysenMcElroy (2)
i dont understand my 7th grade coding teacher can someone help meh plzz
TeraXploits (0)
Problems in output.
image First of all: I am trying to copy this website inside for personal use (I own a school bypassed games, and i know that as soon as more
TheImagin33r (18)
so exactly how popular is
it doesnt seem like its that popular. because im literally on the first page of top contributers with little ammounts of posts
Alishahid1 (0)
Does Repl run Pascal?
If not, where can I find a good pascal runtime environment online?
PySimpleGUI (10)
Why does automatic installation of packages sometimes fail?
This problem seems to come and go, and it also varies across my different projects, despite the EXACT same import statement is used. [Almost] ALL of
JaydonGaal (0)
How to crash server
Teach how crash server fast please!