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Mosrod (294)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
Guide to Asking Coding Questions Why? Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your question Bad question...
LittleNomster (38)
am i the only one with connection issues today, it wont load any of my repls
LittleNomster (38)
So I've noticed some people complaining about lack of moderation around here. I was wondering how do people become moderators?
King597 (0)
How to import files from a folder? (Python)
I can import files by themselves easily, but when I put them in a folder they don't work. I'm using Python, by the way.
LetItBe (0)
Is this hackable?
Hello :) I hear a lot of time people say that "Everything is hackable". I know that companies pay tons of money for security. My question is: let's t...
Yuahde (34)
Guys help
There's a hacker on and my friend @SkyyCivil was recently hacked. my multiplayer repls just say "GET nae nae d by the nae nae master" if this...
V3rmillionNet (11)
KeyPress not detected?
im trying to play a sound when key T is pressed... var myAudio = new Audio("");...
Nettakrim (1)
Pygame not working
BScreen::BScreen: an error occured while querying the X server. another window manager already running on display:0 Error: Couldn't find screens to m...
jedgrei (0)
How to start a multiplayer session?
I wish to share this animation with a friend so we can create more frames, but I do not know how to start a multiplayer session. All videos I see just...
GoldenFreddy (2) Auto-Forker?
I was looking for a way to make a auto forker, as well as wondering if it could be done. I found a Repl someone made that did this exact thing...
JoshuaLL (2)
Need a Tutor/Mentor for this field
Help! I am new to all of this and have no doubt I can learn it. I am a disabled U.S. Marine Veteran trying to reprogram myself with a new purpose. I w...
glassdemon66 (1)
how do i get this error out of my way
When i try to connect to my remotemysql database via this line of code: $connect = @mysqli_connect($host,$username,$password,$db); i keep getting th...
Highwayman (207)
Need for spee- I mean JS.
I’ve been working with node.js and html5 + JS for a couple... months? Thing is, I don’t know a lot because I basically learned all of it by running th...
bessx (2)
Deleting a folder
I'm having problems deleting a folder. Whenever I try to delete it, either through the UI or the shell, the plugin crashes. Once repl reloads, the f...
V3rmillionNet (11)
Playing Sounds over other sounds.
So, i am working in a fork of some kind osu!mania and i tought of making a hit sound in the game so when you pressed the key the sound played. It work...
Dart20 (27)
Test this chatbot and say what could be better. He cannot write datas
xolyon (6)
anyone wanna colab on a small RPG (console line) game , fightable enemies choices also it's in python
TaylorLiang (98)
Need people to sign up for a secret santa program
my hackathon group ( @MohdazmiS + 2 other people) and I have made a program that assigns you a secret Santa, and we need people to join it without rea...
g7kse (0)
Moving from basic FETCH
I've set myself a bit of a goal. To develop a web page that shows off the data from my satellite ground stations. So far I've had a go at getting info...
RossJames (41)
Fetch Request Body Not Logging
Hey! This repl has a webpage that makes a fetch request to a website, in the network tab of chrome, under resp...
dreamrOfficial (26)
Is there a way I can give feedback? I've been on Repl for about a week now and I have ideas to improve Repl. Thanks.
codergamer420 (21)
What is the best coding language.
What is the best coding language for someone going into pharmaceutical sciences for the aerospace industry? I wan't to make sure I am learning the rig...
AndersonT (0)
Help with changing nested lists
So I'm trying to create a randomly generating dungeoneer and I'm having some problems with putting new values into a nested list. For some reason, te...
MergingPick5640 (2)
whats your favourite halo put it in the comments below, mines Halo Reach
18047277 (0)
How do you modify method in C++
void gameLoop() { bool gameOver=false; while (!gameOver) { /* Ask for a command. */ bool commandOk = false; inputComma...
AdCharity (160)
I posted a submission for the hackathon for "Green Scale", a social media site focused on bringing awarenss to the environment. Unfortunately, someone...
BILLPC2684 (0)
run without file?
so, i imported my repo and it doesn't use is there a way to tell repl to not use and use the primary python file( instead?
AdamZow (3)
time.sleep() function in JavaScript?
Like how Python has a time.sleep function to delay code execution, does JavaScript have a similar time function that delays code the same way? Can th...
royki (2)
There is no REPL for Scala Language
Hello, I couldn't find the repl for Scala Language. Can anyone please guide me if I miss this or give me any idea regarding Scala REPL in T...
1234cian6 (0)
i don't under stand
don't under stand for friend bot its gowing hay wiyer
Dart20 (27)
Can anyone help me to do it better? This is an prototyp of an chatbot to learn more about it ask me sth and I will answer soon. If you have an idea how to...