amasad (2745)
Wildest programming language idea
What is your wildest programming language idea? This could be fun (silly) ideas or really cool and useful ones. Go! Also on le twatter: https://twit...
Mosrod (475)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
Brambojo (1)
How do I maka the database in repl?
Hello! I am new to repl.it php, i saw repl.it had a small inbuild database but i dont know how to use it, does anyone know how to use the inbuild data...
Whippingdot (65)
# EMOTES I know this is not a coding question but please protest with me. We need emotes to talk to each other, and ```windows + .``` isn't enough. ##...
RayhanADev (995)
Private Variables in NPM Package
So I’m *almost* ready to release version 1.0.0 (working my way there :D) of my REPLAPI.it package but I need to know (if it’s even possible) how to ma...
CoolCoderSJ (19)
View Statistics
I’m sorry if I shouldn’t post feature requests here, but idk where to put them. Repl.it should provide view statistics, like how many people viewed yo...
xxpertHacker (555)
Disconnecting pseudo-elements from their element? CSS expert help wanted!
I'm not asking how this can be done, since I know that it *can* be done. How can one disconnect a CSS pseudo-element from its actual element? By "di...
ChezCoder (1557)
My thoughts on the community
Hello Repl, I hope you read the full length of this message. For those who don't know me, I am ChezCoder, and I left repl for a few reasons. 1. The c...
allahisback (3)
why did my dad leave
no i dont think i will ![image](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1607095424883_91a3b2cc79ecfbf7ef629193bc07c42e.png) ![image](https://st...
Kookiez (236)
Is it me or are there more spam posts than usual?
Is it me or are there more spam, low effort and off-topic posts than usual? There also seem to be more upvoting alts. Like on the hot section of ask,...
NoahJospeh (16)
Question For New Project I'm Doing
Hey, I have a project I want to do where when you run it, it shows the title, and a play button, that when you hover your mouse cursor over it, it cha...
allahisback (3)
WE SLAYED THE BEAST HE HAS BEEN DEFEATED ![image](https://storage.googleapis.com/replit/images/1607087018718_5212d2fc6c3f8ca916f8d4ace15c16bb.png) !...
Kookiez (236)
[CLOSED] Who wants to make a website with me?
Wo wants to make a website with me? I don't have a complete idea of how it would work, but here are some things I'm thinking about: - Uses HTML, CSS,...
allahisback (3)
MikeJMS8910 (20)
Looking for help
I am looking for some people to help me make a game in html5.
BlakeLeee (18)
Why do upvote's matter?
I see so many people talking about them especially people telling others not to ask for them or recieve the dead penalty but I wan't to know what do t...
jajajajajaja (85)
can someone help me randomize colors for my posts
any one can help me if possible i will invite them to a repl so they can help me
allahisback (3)
olaupla is stink
firefish (794)
How to mass-delete repls?
I was having a play with the `KNOWN_LANGUAGES` object when I decided to try ```js Object.keys(KNOWN_LANGUAGES).forEach(i => fetch(`https://repl.it/lan...
RayhanADev (995)
How to use GraphQL Mutations
Okay so I started delving more and more into GraphQL. I tried Introspection but that didn’t work (RIP `__schema`, I’m not authorized lmao) but for som...
LiamDonohue (293)
Developers wanted for Programming Language
I promise this is the last time # Hi guys! I'm making a programming language named Iridium! ## It's basically me rebooting THAIL/Zoom for the last ti...
pepelaugh (492)
Looking for some people to work on a online(socket.io), canvas, game using js.
Read title. Just comment and i'll add you.
112596 (22)
When is the feature going to come back?
When is the feature going to come back, where you can run a repl in its own tab? I really miss that... LOL
AJDevelopment (83)
Where do you put your curly brackets? (If you write in a language that uses them)
Do you use this: ```c int main() { sum(1, 1); } ``` *or* ```c int main() { sum(1, 1); } ``` I prefer the second. Which do you use?
Andromida (4)
Can someone share me a private repl?
I need one, thanks in advance!
aboutthelol (364)
my own jam for people to join
#### i am well making my own jam for fun and comment down below if you want to be part of it also there will be a prize for te winner but it wont be r...
LucasAllori (32)
User input in C (Operating System Development)
I am making a simple operating system in C and Assembly that sort of resembles a UNIX shell. I got it to display some text, but how would I put user i...
ErrorbotTHE2nd (2)
how Do you make a 404 redirect with express?
I have looked at many videos over the past day or 2, to find out make a 404 error page/ or any error page, how but everything I found, did not work!!...
Ekashrejaiswal (10)
I need some beginner and intermediate experience and knowledge PYTHON PROGRAMMERS to work with me!
Hello All. I am Ekansh Jaiswal also with my brother Shreyansh Jaiswal . I am a beginner in python Programming. I want someone who is a beginner or ave...
DrSlice (1)
Won't Download as zip
So I have tried municipal times to download the zip but it has not worked, any information on this would be much appreciated.
Coder100 (11111)
[ C ] Most efficent way to implement dict
# Most efficent way to implement dict If you couldn't tell by the title (I think C is the only language savage enough to not have dicts, but for a goo...
HarveyRandall (5)
Custom support for languages
Is there a way to make your own syntax highlighting and doing your own autofill, I have made my own language, and I can't find how to colour the code....