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Mosrod (287)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
Guide to Asking Coding Questions Why? Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your question Bad question...
slickassassin03 (6)
.gitignore alternative?
Is there any way to omit the .env file from a GitHub commit?
fyreco (1)
Error in Prime Number Checker
Hi, when I run the prime number checker it says I have an error. What is causing the error? please help
slickassassin03 (6)
Anyone interested in a Python collab?
Was wondering if someone wanted to do a collab with me on making an RPG? I would ask that you are experienced somewhat so we aren't discussing the bas...
ribbitqueen (5)
information on outages (web hosting) has been quite hard to work with consistently since the machines seem to go offline for minutes at a time with no warning or information. this...
finlay44111 (1)
Issue with repl not being able to load due to a large file
I recently made a program that would extract pixel data from a .ppm file. an uncompressed image file. I uploaded a huge 150MB image into the repl, and...
HunterBerg (0)
Invalid Syntax
how do i fix this? (line 53) pyrthon
Mendelevium (2)
How to add python to HTML
Hi, I've looked up different ways to add python to HTML, but none seem to work. Does anyone know how to add python into an HTML page?
OathOfCode (15)
Project Ideas
I was wondering if anyone was willing to work with me on a text-RPG game made in the most recent version of Python on If you are interested,...
gifmeabreak (0)
What is this?
So I'm new, like this day new on this webpage. And as soon as I open up my first "repls" I get a message saying this, what does it mean? "You can onl...
TylerBernardo (7)
Web Workers
Are Web Workers supported on the html5/js/css code editor. I thought i needed to import it, but I never found any info on how to set it up. Is...
TyNelson (0)
return the quantity are variables that are true in a given a conditional expression such as a loop.
it is related to code, but it was a question on a test. I am nearly done with my Lamba school precourse , but missed one question on the Lambda challe...
JosMag2019 (18)
how 2
how to add numbers beside your name? i have 0 for some reason
PastaManno (0)
How would I go about bypassing webfilters to access Restricted educational sites?
Despite my best efforts, my school system- GoGuardian- does not know how to tell educational sites from malicious and or fake game websites like coolm...
ChezCoder (4)
Why aren't the Colorama and Cprint packages working?
I have a piece of code in Python 3.7: from colorama import Fore as F print(F.GREEN + "Green") It used to work but now it returns an error saying Modul...
Dart20 (21)
How can I run two programs at the same time on the same repl
Dart20 (21)
Do anyone want to make sth together with python? Only write a comment and the group will start, with the first person. If someone want to became a mem...
AllAwesome497 (215)
Why do you use repl?
So what I want to know is, why do you use repl? For education, work, or personal use? What do you like about repl? My Response: I use repl for perso...
ArtsyGalaxy (0)
How to connect my domain (outside of
Almost all night I've been trying to connect a free domain to to make sure it works before buying my actual one. It hasn't been connecting! I...
Dart20 (21)
How can I program an Artificial Intelligence with the "Franzis Microcontroller Lernpaket"?
LeonardoHolmes (0)
"My Repls" can't get in
Hi, I have a problem here, when I click “My Repls”, It just keeps loading(look like the picture), but others functions are alright, how should I do to...
CoolJames1610 (74)
Accidental deleted of a project!
I accedientally deleted a repl project. PLEASE is there any way to restore it? I worked really hard on it and it would be amazing if I could have the...
AHulot (5)
Login System
Does anyone know how to create a login/sign up system that saves the user's data?
PaoloAmoroso (95) blog
The latest issue of the newsletter reminds of the blog. It's an excellent resource I read cover to cover and recommend. But it would be even...
LukeShomper (3)
Memory And Ram and random crap
Hey how would I make it so it checks how much memory the script is using and or ram
Haaruun (6)
What are cycles used for?
I heard that you can buy stuff with cycles but there dosent seem to be a way to. Do you need the Hacker plan or something?
LukeShomper (3)
Ok so Blitting
I know how to blit I would do somthing like this image = pygame.image.load('image.png') imagerect = image.get_rect() Screen.blit(image, imagerect) and...
TylerBeck2 (3)
Sharing file with output text
My son has written a Python script that takes prompts and writes the data to output.txt. When I share the project, it doesn't seem to save the data t...
KellerWorthen (1)
how to add after slash
I have been trying to make a website where you can go to, say, but all I can get is and I don't like it. Any advice?
Dart20 (21)
with what language can I write binary code? Please give me the answer quickly!
ArtsyGalaxy (0)
How To Connect My Website With A GoDaddy Domain (or any domain)
I've just finished a website and I'm ready to publish it to the world! I plan on buying a domain from GoDaddy that has '.com' Every time I search for...