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Mosrod (317)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
Zexogon (298)
My projects ip adress can’t be found
This could be because of the school filter but I’m just curious as to if repl is having issues right now ![Uploading CC56675A-8CFE-442A-9AD6-8D508E5D6...
ina23jfaruque (1)
how do you save on repl?
i need to know how you can save your work on because i am really struggling so if anyone can help me to show me how you can save your work the...
Isaias508 (1)
Please tell me what I am doing wrong here, i'm so confused
Please tell me if I am on the right track or just completely off, and how I can do it right. ![2020-01-18](
kle11257 (18)
Taking a final
Our teacher has not been here since the second year of the class. We have had multiple substitutes, none of which are certified substitutes and they a...
bidulechouette (1)
how to add 1 to the count if the deed falls on 6 ?
if the result of the draw of the dis is equal 6 then add 1 to the counter
amasad (1831)
Hashtag for Twitter #ReplGang?
I've been noticing many of you are appearing on the tweeters and was thinking maybe we have a hashtag for our community. Do you have suggestions? I'l...
AtticusKuhn (74)
(possible) React Bug
I have encountered a problem where whenever I make a change to a react file, it crashes. Also, Whenever I try to create a new file, it says "error sa...
LittleNomster (66)
About Me
So im having some trouble with the challenge and i spent 30 minutes on google trying to figure it out yesterday. Can anybody help me make colored text...
PaoloAmoroso (118)
What are the top programming tools you want to learn in 2020?
It's still early in the year and it's worth considering some projects or goals. So, besides the [top languages you want to learn in 2020](https://repl...
kljamaica1983 (0)
Full name instruction
I thought that I was following the instructions accordingly but just I thought I was it keeps telling me that the answer is not correct or better yet...
PaoloAmoroso (118)
What to expect from in 2020
In 2019 we got great new features like Multiplayer Mode, the Universal Package Manager, and Git/GitHub support. What can we expect from in 202...
MilesMiller (16)
how do you become a mederator and do you get paid? or is it just a fun thing to do in your free time
![170px-Lois_Griffin]( just wondering. cuz you guiys a...
PH1 (122)
MAZE GAME banned???
@Zavexeon I have no other way of contacting you so im using this. My post ( has been blocked for 'upvote fa...
xolyon (100)
How do you plan your code?
While I am quite the lucrative programmer, I sometimes know I can solve an issue or error but just don't know how - and I find it difficult to plan ef...
TaylorLiang (292)
(Somebody post this on feedback for me. Feedback and bugs are both blocked for me (no I want to learn dart, and it seems like I could real...
maazzubair99 (49)
jumping not working
me and @evanzimmerman are working on a text based platformer. however, our jump code does not work and we don't know what is wrong with it.
kingretracted (14)
Does Replit support audio files?
Title says what the question is. I always get "Plugin Crashed" when I import or move the audio file.
Vandesm14 (1636)
Repl Refresh Issue
After putting my device (Chromebook/PC) on sleep mode and then coming back to, the repl infinitely loads (screenshot provided). Is there a way...
JordanRenaud (1)
Is there a way to downgrade python from 3.7 to 3.6?
I need to be able to use Tensorflow for my project, but it only works with python 3.6. I've attempted to use python 2.7 but tensorflow fails to instal...
TamingTheTech (14)
Over half of my files just disappeared.
I was working on my biggest HTML CSS JS project last night and all of a sudden every file alphabetically higher than "i" disappeared. It looks like th...
rjlevy (0)
Node.js Repl showing up as Bash
Hey Could you help me solve a problem I'm having with this repl? It was originall...
ArnoTS4 (1)
How to send a project to only one person
Good morning, I work on a project and I would like to sent it to my professor only. He has an account professor and me an account student. He sent me...
donkeyhouse (6)
How do you make a button in python?
Sorry if I sound stupid. I am very new to python and very bad. I just want to make a regular button that will do something if clicked. Like make a var...
rafrafraf (17)
Is there any way to run this "one-liner" inside a while loop, in one line
Even better if you can get rid of the single semicolon I've had to use to accommodate the program. We can't use a regular while loop and the with st...
amasad (1831)
What are the top programming languages do you want to learn in 2020?
I'll start. I'm really excited to learn some languages that make distributed languages easier like [Unison]( and [Erlang](https:...
rstacey2000 (1)
Loops to validate inout data
I am currently working on getting the first step of this code fixed. I need to be sure the inputted data (the 2-letter code) is valid. I have to use a...
saatvikrk (3)
Can someone help me with restoring my repl??
I was clearing out my old repls and I acidentally deleted one that Ive been working on for 6 MONTHS. Is there any way to restore it??
BenOfWillis (33)
Where did Nathan go?
Hello, I recently received an email from Amjad and although I am overjoyed at the contact I wonder what happened to my regular correspondent: Nathan....
JordanDixon1 (72)
How do I make a gui in C++?
I would like to know if this is even possible in I have seen most tutorials saying I need to install programs on my computer to do this but I...
AlexanderTarn (131)
How to move multiple objects in tkinter
I need help, I making a game that requires multiple objects to move at the same time, repeatedly, anyone know how to do that?