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Mosrod (347)
Guide to Asking Coding Questions
# **Guide to Asking Coding Questions** ## **Why?** Good questions help your question be solved faster, and people will want to answer your questio...
JannaYoussef (13)
Truth or dare?
I dare you to comment some ideas for truths or dares so I can complete this repl!
LoneAce (214)
Python Input
Hey there, I would like to give a timeout on my Python inputs. If possible, I would like the code to be portable so that I can give timeouts to everyt...
StudentFires (107)
How Repl works (specifically HTML repls)
Forewarning, **this** is a code question, but I'm pretty sure I'll need a moderator. ##### Background ##### All Repls have a hidden ***.replit...
SixBeeps (1391)
What is a variable?
Hello, I am working on some of my Computer Science homework, and we're on the Variables unit. But, I am having a hard time understanding what a "varia...
Baconman321 (6)
How to access databases from another file
The reason I want a database is so I can access a database from another file, but I don't know how to. In test.html, I tried to access the database, b...
Elizabeth_Mason (6)
Can I have some help?
I need help trying to solve this code. Can anyone help me? ![image](
sugarfi (250)
Who wants to collaborate on a programming language?
You might have seen a previous post by me on this topic. This time I'm doing it right. I am creating an interpreted, object-oriented, statically typed...
LiamDonohue (203)
New programming language! Programmers needed
# THAIL (**T**echnical **High-Level** **A**bstract **I**ntermediate **L**angauge) So this is a langauge i'm making, and i will be making a development...
MrHackman (64)
Can we make a new Programming Language
Hello friends, I know this is weird but Let me just Say it. Is it actually possible to create a new programming Language like C++ and other. I saw Go(...
ipastrano (96)
Languages to Learn
Hi everyone, I was thinking about programming languages to learn. I am happy with c++, but want to branch out. Any suggestions? P.S. I am also doing...
JannaYoussef (13)
Random number game
Hi, I made a random number generator in python but it keeps looping without asking the last question. Can anyone help with fixing the problem?
Teo434 (1)
How do you require love2d on a lua repl?
So before here I asked if you can have multiople langages in 1 repl (you can), now I want to know how do you require love in those files as love2d is...
JohnDoe47 (2)
How do I separate the class code into its own module from the import code?
I have tried adding folders and files to the, separating the class code and the import code, but I cannot get the import code to call the clas...
what is a float ? I don't understand the nature of a float and how it differs from a number from R or Z or even C ? PLease enlighten me
ChezCoder (204)
Machine Learning
Im making a neural network that would guess the price of an item. The input is the text converted into a number and the output would be the price that...
DynamicSquid (85)
Standard Template Library (C++)
Hey guys! Currently I'm making a tutorial on STL containers (std::vector, std::list, std::etc.), and I think I might publish it around next week. So...
AdriaDonohue (22)
Warriors game-need help with coding
So far me and @liamdonohue have done good but its going really slowly and I'm almost out of ideas.Its a kit to leader game and my first c# game.
Tanishqq (16)
What led you to coding?
Every person has a story. Whether be for doing nothing, or coding here on repl in various languages such as- Python, HTMl, C++, etc. Sorry if i missed...
femiFolarin (0)
Help me now
Considering there was a text file called superheroes.txt, write a program that will read in the text file and print out each superhero on a new line....
xolyon (143)
since I am in quarantine what should i make?
yeah be kinda detailed , I hate vagueness (example make a game)
blackjkl (35)
how do you skip this?!?!?!??!??!
so first you run this code. after you choose a or b, it says how far you want to generate. but if I type something other than the options, it still sa...
AdamPROCK (5)
Why can input prompts be deleted and how do I stop this?
Hi guys, so I've been writing a program which takes inputs from the user (in this case username and password) and I've realised that if you start typi...
CodingCactus (242)
CPU not playing sometimes (tic tac toe)
When playing against cpu, sometimes they don't make a move. I've checked every thing, maybe a fresh pair of eyes will help, or a completely different...
Tmeadows97 (1)
Smart Thermostat exercise
Write a program for your smart thermostat. Do the following using a temperature, isRaining, and isOn property, If the temperature is less than 68 deg...
Kringle200 (1)
What does elif mean in simplified terms
I'm not really sure on what elif means
agarner (0)
File Name
In the Favorite artist the File Name (icon) does not look like index.html (icon). How do a correct this? Am I creating new pages correctly?...
what are some. of the best coding languages
Okay so I was wondering what are some of the best coding languages because I am new to coding. I want to maybe make it a career because I am intereste...
LiamDeboer (0)
why doesnt this code work and what do i need to do to fix it?
#include <iostream> using namespace std; int main[] int[] array = { 1, 4, 3, 6, 8, 2, 5}; int what = array[0]; // scan the array for ( int in...
JuanR4140 (12)
Coders wanted for a NEW game! (IslandEscape)
I am proud to introduce everyone to a new project that has started development... on 3/19/20 at 11:00 PM EST (it's a really young repl) but if we can...
JosiahKnisely (26)
I just lost a project with over 500 lines of code to accidentally pressing CTRL + V. Any ways to fix that???